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Not So Fast: Women Who Have Premature Orgasms Explain How They Deal

Premature orgasm doesn't only affect men. Here's how women who come early found help through masturbation, edging, and being open with their partners.
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This Pop Star Turned Her Orgasm Into a Song

When musician Von reflected on her close relationship with her vibrator, she decided to immortalize it by creating music using her orgasm's unique vibration patterns.
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science of sex

Do 'Libido Cures' Actually Work? I Found Out the Hard Way

Many products claim to cure low libido, from clitoral injections to energy drinks. There's little scientific evidence they work, so I decided to find out for myself.
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How Doctors Gaslight Women into Doubting Their Own Pain

Maya Dusenbery’s book, "Doing Harm: The Truth About How Bad Medicine and Lazy Science Leave Women Dismissed, Misdiagnosed, and Sick," explains how women’s health issues have historically been dismissed—and what we can do about it now.
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How and Why Women Become Serial Killers

In her new book "Lady Killers," author Tori Telfer examines how gender norms shaped the treatment of female serial killers and explores the circumstances that drove some of history's most notorious women to murder.
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Unscrewing Ourselves

A Sex Therapist Explains the Biggest Myths About the Female Orgasm

Frustrated with cliches about the “elusive female orgasm,” Vanessa Marin founded Finishing School to demystify the art of orgasming.
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When Does Sex on MDMA Count as Rape?

MDMA can lead to a loss of inhibition, so experts say that taking advantage of someone high on the drug could be considered sexual assault. But prosecuting these cases is complicated by our limited definition of what constitutes a date rape drug.
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'Fear of the Clit': A Brief History of Medical Books Erasing Women's Genitalia

We've come a long way since scientists asserted that the clitoris was a deformity, but the view of women as underdeveloped men and child receptacles still haunts our textbooks.
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The Growing World of Anonymous Dick Pic Appreciation Sites

In the age of the unsolicited dick pic, the medium often gets a bad rap. Online forums where users can appreciate strangers' members allow users to explore their exhibitionistic side with consent (and lots of enthusiasm from viewers).
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You’re Being Cheated on to Pay a Karmic Debt, According to a Psychic Matchmaker

Scientists have proposed a host of neurobiological reasons for infidelity—but could there be a more esoteric explanation? We turned to the star of TLC's "The Psychic Matchmaker" for some answers.
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Debunking the Toxic Myths Around College Hookup Culture

In her new book, "American Hookup," sociology professor Lisa Wade investigates the biggest misconceptions about casual sex on college campuses—and tries to reach an understanding that more accurately reflects realities about gender, race, and class.
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People Have Been Using MDMA to Treat PTSD for Decades

Last month, the FDA granted researchers permission to move forward with clinical trials studying the effects of MDMA on treating PTSD. Though the development may seem surprising, the so-called "party drug" was used in therapy years before it was banned...
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