This European Country Is Voting to Block Gay Marriage—Probably Forever

In October, Romania will hold a referendum to change its constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman only.
Sirin Kale
16 minutes ago
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Daily Horoscopes: September 19, 2018

The moon enters Aquarius tonight.
Annabel Gat
16 hours ago
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Weekly Horoscope: September 17 - 23

Tempers are short this week as Mars squares off with Uranus.
Randon Rosenbohm
2 days ago

Who Gets to Use the Term 'Partner'?

Some queer people feel it should belong to the LGBTQ community, but others feel the non-gendered term should be normalized for everyone.
Coco Romack
19 hours ago

Rihanna Has Raised Millions for Girls' Education—and She's Just Getting Started

At the Diamond Ball, in her advocacy, and writing in a new Guardian op-ed, Rih is supporting education initiatives for children across the globe. Nothing but respect for our commander-in-chief.
Danielle Kwateng-Clark
20 hours ago

'Diversity' Was Nothing But an Empty Buzzword at the 2018 Emmys

Of 12 acting categories, only three were won by people of color at the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards.
Danielle Kwateng-Clark
Sara David
a day ago

Women's Anger Will Change the World

In this excerpt from Soraya Chemaly's new book, "Rage Becomes Her: The Power of Women's Anger," the activist and author urges readers to use their inner rage as a powerful tool for social change.
Sooraya Chemaly
2 days ago

Just a Li'l Blog About Loving Tracee Ellis Ross

I stan a poolside-hopping, wine-drinking, haute-couture kween.
Danielle Kwateng-Clark
2 days ago

Gorgeous, Golden Paintings of Black Women as Queens

British-Liberian artist Lina Iris Viktor uses a stunning palette of inky blues, black, and 24-karat gold. She talks to Broadly ahead of her solo show at the New Orleans Museum of Art.
Zing Tsjeng
2 days ago
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Senator Hirono Tells Men to 'Shut Up and Step Up' on Kavanaugh Allegations

Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono, who asked Brett Kavanaugh about his history of sexual misconduct under oath, calls on men in the Senate to do better.
Marie Solis
17 hours ago

Asia Argento Plans to Sue Rose McGowan Over Sexual Assault Statement

Rose McGowan may be facing a libel lawsuit after not responding to Asia Argento's request that McGowan retract her statements about a sexual assault claim against Argento.
Danielle Kwateng-Clark
18 hours ago
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McDonald's Workers Strike Across the Country to Protest Sexual Harassment

McDonald's workers in 10 cities walked out of work on Tuesday, calling on the fast-food franchise to take workplace harassment more seriously.
Marie Solis
21 hours ago