Australian Rapper Tkay Maidza is Ready to Take Over the World

We sit down with Tkay Maidza, a Zimbabwean-Australian rapper who is quickly carving out a name for herself in hip-hop.

Sep 12 2016, 12:00am

Tkay Maidza was born in Zimbabwe before immigrating to Australia with her parents when she was five. A star student, she graduated from high school at 16 and started playing around with her dad's recording equipment to release demos.

While she was studying architecture in college, Tkay put out her first track, "Brontosaurus," and mixtape, Switch Tape. Her energetic, esoteric brand of hip-hop caught the industry's attention and she's since deferred school to tour the world.

The 20-year-old rapper has been championed by Killer Mike, toured with Charli XCX, and is about to release her debut album. With her confident stage presence, give-no-fucks attitude, and unique brand of rap, TKay is one to watch. In this episode of Broadly Meets, we talk to Tkay about going from performing Nicki Minaj covers for her family to receiving international acclaim.

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