Daily Horoscope: July 14, 2018

The Moon is in Leo today.

by Annabel Gat; illustrated by Robin Eisenberg
Jul 13 2018, 10:00pm

The Moon in Leo opposes Mars at 1:12 AM, stirring up an irritable energy—watch out for arguments. The energy settles down as Venus connects with Saturn at 2:44 AM, creating a supportive atmosphere. The Moon clashes with Jupiter at 10:44 AM, causing drama and encouraging fun! Plenty of talk takes place as the Moon meets Mercury at 7:12 PM.

All Times EST.


The Moon is in Leo today, lighting up the financial sector of your chart and causing you to reflect on your budget, and in the emotional sense, your sense of self-worth. It’s a solid day for communicating with your partners.


The Moon is in your sign today, Leo! Make time to take care of yourself: let loose with some karaoke, or have a dance party in your bedroom if you're still too wiped from the eclipse. Solid energy is also flowing around work and money.


The Moon in Leo lights up a very sleepy sector of your chart today, Virgo, so get some rest. That said, this is also a wonderful day to organize around your creative goals and hammer out plans concerning parties or a date with a crush.


The Moon in Leo lights up the social sector of your chart today, finding you eager to connect with friends. Supportive energy flows around emotionally charged issues. If you can help it, don’t spend too much money this morning.


The Moon in Leo lights up a very public sector of your chart today, Scorpio, finding you focused on your career and reputation. Supportive energy flows around communication.


The Moon is in fellow fire sign Leo today, finding you in the mood to travel. There's also a supportive energy around your work and finances in the atmosphere.


The Moon is in Leo today, and all sorts of intense emotions are coming up for you to work though— make time to talk to a friend and vent! Your ruling planet Saturn makes a lovely connection with sweet Venus, sending support and good vibes your way.


Your focus is on your relationships today, Aquarius, thanks to the Moon in warm fire sign Leo. Sweet Venus connects with your ruling planet Saturn, sending you supportive energy around emotionally difficult situations.


The Moon in Leo finds you in a busy mood, completing your chores and checking in with your health. It’s a wonderful day for communication in your relationships—people are acting maturely and thoughtfully.


The Moon is in fellow fire sign Leo, creating a playful energy! But hard work is accomplished today, too, and good energy flows around making commitments and sharing responsibilities at work.


The Moon is in warm fire sign Leo today, and you’re in the mood to connect with loved ones. Your ruling planet Venus makes a harmonious connection with Saturn, creating a beautiful energy around feeling supported, valued, and respected.


Lots of talk takes place today—watch out for exaggerations and stay away from know-it-alls. Sweet Venus and taskmaster Saturn connect, creating a grounding energy around emotionally charged issues.

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