Girls Just Wanna Have Girls: A Weekend at the Biggest Lesbian Party in the World

We traveled to Palm Springs for Dinah Shore Weekend, the iconic lesbian "Spring Break" that serves as a right of passage for queer women everywhere.

Jun 28 2016, 2:05pm

What started out as a women's only golf tournament in Palm Springs in the 1970's has evolved into the biggest girl party in the world: the Dinah Shore Weekend. It's basically queer Spring Break, but really there's no other gathering like it.

Host Keenan MacWilliam takes Broadly to the Dinah to explore how a sporting event became a sacred place for women who like women. From pool parties to the Stonewall Gardens—an LGBT assisted living community—we chat with the women of Dinah Shore, both past and present.

For most of those who attend, including the celesbians (lesbian celebrities), the Dinah is much more than a party—or a place to hook up, though it's mostly that.