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Taurus, April 2017 Taurus, April 2017

Illustration by Nicole Ginelli

Taurus, April 2017

Be gentle with yourself this month, Taurus. A fresh start is coming your way.

You love luxury, good food, and beautiful art, so it makes sense that sweet and lovely Venus is your ruling planet. Venus is up to some tricky stuff this month, so you can bet April will be complicated. April opens with Venus retrograde in Aries, pushing you to face some issues around worth or value that you've either been ignoring (or too busy to notice!).

On April 2, Venus retrograde enters Pisces, shifting focus to your social life. Questions concerning with whom you want to associate will come up for you. Wanting to feel valued and like you "belong" will be on your mind.

Venus retrograde is always intense, but when it's in emotional, weepy Water sign Pisces, you can bet things will get way more dramatic. Remember: Venus is your ruling planet, so when it's retrograde, you're going to notice a lot of stuff bubbling up. You're not putting up with any shit any more! If you've been feeling like you're going to explode and have a rage blackout, these first two weeks of April are probably when you'll reach your breaking point.

Venus will finally end its retrograde on April 15. The last time Venus was retrograde in Aries and Pisces was spring 2009. Themes that were big in your life back then are likely to come up again now—but, thankfully, you're older and smarter now!

Venus retrograde squares (a stressful astrological aspect) Saturn on April 8 and again on April 21—which, I won't lie, is a bummer of a planetary combination. Venus is all about feeling loved and valued, and Saturn is all about saying "no." Don't plan to propose to someone today or have any important meetings; people will be in a shitty mood, rejection is in the air, and everyone is feeling depressed.

Venus is your ruling planet, so when it's retrograde, you're going to notice a lot of stuff bubbling up.

If you're actively trying to get closer to someone, it won't be easy during this time—although, if heart-to-heart conversations do come up organically, some deep connections could be forged (misery does love company, after all).

The best way to use today's energy wisely is by spending time in quiet reflection and engaging in acts of self-love. Because you're a Taurus, self-love typically means a lazy day on the couch with take-out, but because of the gloomy vibe today, perhaps you should brighten things up by picking yourself up a bouquet of flowers. Just try not to tear up when you remember that the flowers will eventually wilt (it's really that kind of day).

Venus isn't the only planet retrograde this month: Mercury begins its retrograde in your sign on April 9! What does this mean? Expect to change your mind. Mercury retrograde is all about the "re-" words: redo, review, and reflect, to name a few. Miscommunications and delays are also a pain during this time—so work with the energy by slowing down instead of trying to push ahead!

Don't sign any contracts or make any important commitments while Mercury's retrograde, and avoid traveling if you can. Instead, let yourself sleep in a little longer, don't stress if you show up somewhere a little later than you should have, and don't be afraid to say, "I changed my mind!" Venus will retrograde back into Aries on April 20, which will put you in an even quieter, more private mood than usual.

Venus isn't the only planet retrograde this month: Mercury begins its retrograde in your sign on April 9!

The full moon in Libra arrives on April 10 or 11 (depending on your time zone!), which will illuminate the sector of your chart that rules your daily routines, your schedule, your day job, and your health. Full moons are always exhausting, and between this full moon shining its spotlight on your schedule and the Mercury retrograde, it would be wise for you not to overbook yourself or take on too many responsibilities.

A project you've been working on could finally be perfected during this full moon, which is exciting! And if there's been an issue brewing at work, it could come to a head at this time. Ditto for any health situations you've been working on.

Use the full moon's energy to banish bad habits from your life and to get organized. It's a wonderful time to do some spring cleaning: Edit your closet, clear out all the papers on your desk, and go through your handbag and toss out whatever garbage is sitting there. (Seriously, Taurus, you accumulate so much crap in your handbags, wallets, and cars.)

Venus, retrograde in Pisces, makes a harmonious connection to Mars, which is currently in your sign, on April 16. Unlike the party-pooper Venus/Saturn connection, Venus and Mars's connection will bring you a boost in energy, especially for socializing, so make plans to connect with your friends!

The Sun enters your sign, Taurus, on April 19—happy solar return! Also on this day, the Sun will meet the planet of communication, Mercury, so watch out for any conversations that come up today. Don't make any commitments—remember, it's time to reflect and reconsider, not push forward! You're going to be in a stubborn mood today, but whatever, Taurus, you have to own it!

A new moon in your sign arrives on April 26, bringing you the fresh new start you need in your life!

Mars enters Gemini on April 21, igniting the sector of your chart that rules your finances as well as your sense of self-worth. This is a powerful time for negotiation—mostly renegotiations, I mean (again, Mercury retrograde!). Venus retrograde has been major for pushing you to reconsider issues around self-worth, and when Mars is in outspoken Gemini, you will have no problem defending what you think you deserve!

A new moon in your sign arrives on April 26, bringing you the fresh new start you need in your life! This is a wonderful time for a makeover—the Venus retrograde likely left you feeling a little unsexy, but this new moon, in your sign, will be just the antidote you need to get you feeling like yourself again.

Venus enters Aries on April 28, illuminating a super personal and sensitive sector of your chart; don't be surprised if you find yourself being way more private about whom you're making out with. Pay close attention to the messages that arrive in your dreams—Venus will be activating the sector of your chart that rules sleep, so some interesting messages will come through about Venus-ruled issues, like love and money.

Mercury retrograde meets Uranus on April 28, bringing you some brilliant flashes of insight. But it will be less of an "a-ha!" moment and more of an "Oh shit, obviously" moment. Things that haven't been clear to you before are starting to come into better focus nowSee you in May, Taurus!

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