Daily Horoscopes: May 18, 2018

The Moon is in Cancer today.

by Annabel Gat; illustrated by Robin Eisenberg
May 18 2018, 4:00am

The Moon in Cancer connects with Mercury at 6:51 AM, encouraging us to talk about our feelings. Watch out for obstacles when the Moon opposes Saturn at 7:34 AM. Mercury connects with Saturn at 12:49 PM, helping us work through difficult situations and discuss commitments. The Moon connects with Neptune at 8:23 PM, creating an imaginative energy, and with lucky planet Jupiter at 9:47 PM.

All Times EST.


The Moon is in intuitive water sign Cancer today, lighting up the communication sector of your chart. Mercury and Saturn will connect early this morning, assisting you in accomplishing whatever goals you’re excited about.


Your planetary ruler Mercury connects with taskmaster Saturn this afternoon, creating a grounding atmosphere—expect a productive energy around completing tasks you usually don’t want, or aren’t sure of how, to take care of!


The Moon is in your sign today, Cancer. Make time to nourish yourself! Spending time by water is never a bad idea for you crabs. Easy energy will flow around communication with your friends and partners this afternoon.


The Moon is in Cancer, encouraging you to slow down and check in with yourself emotionally. Professionally speaking, a productive energy will flow, and you’ll have the support you need in order to accomplish your goals.


Your planetary ruler Mercury connects with Saturn this afternoon, creating a very productive and creative energy. The atmosphere will be supportive and stable. The Moon is in Cancer, encouraging you to connect with friends and network.


The Moon is in Cancer, lighting up the career and popularity sector of your chart and finding you reflecting on your life’s direction. Emotionally, a supportive energy will flow around feeling grounded and discussing your needs.


Today, a productive energy around discussing plans and commitments will flow in your relationships, both professional and romantic. The Moon is in fellow water sign Cancer, encouraging you to open your mind and learn something new.


Talking about money and organizing schedules is usually a big hassle, but a productive energy will flow around handling these issues this afternoon. The Moon is in Cancer, lighting up the intimacy sector of your chart—sexy! But also very intense.


Messenger planet Mercury connects with Saturn, your planetary ruler, creating a productive energy around communication. It’s a great time to discuss plans and commitments. The Moon is currently in Cancer, lighting up the relationship sector of your chart.


Communication planet Mercury connects with your planetary ruler Saturn this afternoon, helping you get grounded and encouraging an easy flow about difficult topics. The Moon is in Cancer, encouraging you to break a bad habit.


The Moon is in fellow water sign Cancer, illuminating the romance and creativity sector of your chart. Although there’s a fun vibe in the air, you will find yourself focusing on some serious issues today, too.


The Moon is in Cancer, encouraging to you to reflect on your boundaries and to connect with your loved ones. It’s a great time to spruce up your altars—get fresh flowers and refill your offerings. Productive conversations around work and money will arrive this afternoon.

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