Daily Horoscope: January 11, 2016

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Jan 11 2016, 8:00am

Illustration by Nicole Ginelli

The Moon in Aquarius sextiles a whole bunch of planets today. We love a sextile—they're helpful, and they inspire communication. However, they do require us to put in some effort, so don't expect everything just fall on your lap. The sextile to Saturn at 12:35 PM will encourage people to build strong structures and approach emotional issues in a serious manner, while the sextile to Venus at 5:59 PM will inspire us to flirt and enjoy some luxuries. Finally, the sextile to Uranus at 8:09 PM brings exciting news and (hopefully fun) surprises.

All times EST.


The Moon is in friendly Aquarius, and you're feeling social. It's a great day to connect with friends old and new— but mostly old. Mercury is retrograde after all, reintroducing you to people who could help you reach your goals.


Your career and your popularity are on your mind today, Taurus. You're feeling a little irritated, so be sure to take plenty of naps and bring snacks wherever you go. You'll address some deep issue productively today.


The Moon is in Air sign Aquarius today, sending you lots of good energy and inspiring you take some risks (Aquarius is a rebel). There's a friendly and productive vibe today that's putting you in a good mood.


Today is slightly awkward, but you're fine with that because you know people are doing their best to be helpful and productive. You're rethinking the rules in your relationships, with Mercury retrograde in the sector of your chart that rules partnerships.


The Moon is in your opposite sign, Aquarius, today, inspiring you to focus on your relationships, and it's a very romantic vibe. Today's perfect for sending some love notes or going on a date someplace unexpected—have a mini adventure with your love.


Today is all about figuring out your schedule. Your ruling planet, Mercury, is retrograde and it's fucking up your plans— but that's fine. Whatever doesn't work out was just not mean to be.


The Moon is in fellow Air sign Aquarius, and you love how easily people are getting along today. It's an excellent day to have lunch with new friends, and tonight brings some expected romance.


It's been hard for you to get into a routine or really depend on anyone lately, but today some very productive conversations go down around these issues. The Moon is in logical Aquarius today, so you're feeling sharp.


Today is all about expressing yourself clearly and effectively. The Moon is in Aquarius, a genius Air sign, and you're open to try pretty much anything that would work. Flirty vibes will come your way today.


Listen to your gut when it comes to issues around worth today, both financial and emotional. You already know the answers—you just need to trust yourself. Unexpected support will arrive via your family or at home.


The Moon is in your sign today, Aquarius! The lunar spotlight is on you, helping you reconnect with your emotions. Socially, it's an exciting day with lots of messages and news coming your way.


Some unexpected good luck at work or around your reputation will come your way today, and financial issues are also getting a boost! Not a bad day, Pisces, but you do feel exhausted, so take plenty of naps.

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