Daily Horoscope: July 13, 2018

The Moon enters Leo today after an intense eclipse in Cancer.

by Annabel Gat; illustrated by Robin Eisenberg
Jul 12 2018, 10:00pm

The Moon enters fire sign Leo at 1:31 PM, creating a confident and grounding energy after yesterday’s emotionally intense eclipse in Cancer. The Moon clashes with Uranus at 5:10 PM, bringing us surprises and encouraging us to break free from expectations and simply be ourselves.

All Times EST.


Yesterday’s eclipse in your sign was a lot for you to take in—and you've got a lot of new information to digest! This afternoon, the Moon enters Leo and finds you focused on your financial situation.


Intense dreams arrive, thanks to yesterday’s eclipse in psychic Cancer—that is, if you were able to get any rest during this emotionally heavy time! The Moon enters your sign today, helping you sort out your emotions.


Yesterday’s eclipse in Cancer was majorly emotional and tiring, with drama in your social life bubbling to the surface. The Moon enters Leo today, illuminating a very private sector of your chart and encouraging you to rest and catch up on time alone.


Intense shifts are taking place around your professional goals and your public life due to yesterday’s eclipse, but you’re ready to connect with friends today as the Moon enters Leo.


Yesterday’s eclipse in Cancer brought major philosophical breakthroughs, Scorpio. This afternoon, the Moon enters fire sign Leo and lights up the career and popularity sector of your chart, bringing your focus to your public life.


Yesterday's emotionally intense eclipse in Cancer brought deep secrets to the surface and encouraged you to let go of the past—but the Moon enters fellow fire sign Leo this afternoon, finding you eager for adventure.


Big changes in your relationships are here as a result of yesterday’s eclipse in Cancer. The energy shifts this afternoon as the Moon enters fiery Leo, finding you in a passionate, emotionally intense mood. You’re craving depth and intimacy.


The Moon enters your opposite sign Leo this evening, shifting your focus from your work and chores to your partnerships. A shift in your foundation takes place later today as the Moon squares off with wildcard Uranus.


Yesterday’s eclipse in Cancer brought big changes to your love life as well as your artistic pursuits—and the energy continues to shift today as the Moon enters Leo, encouraging you to get organized and break free from routines that no longer work for you.


The Moon enters fellow fire sign Leo this afternoon, bringing you a boost of energy after an emotional eclipse in Cancer. You’re in the mood to have fun, flirt, and live your life freely and spontaneously!


So much information surfaced during yesterday’s eclipse in Cancer, and as the Moon enters Leo today, you’re craving the safety and comfort of your home and family… that is, at least, until you find yourself in an impulsive mood later tonight!


The Moon enters Leo and lights up the communication sector of your chart, bringing exciting news your way—especially later on as the Moon connects with wildcard Uranus.

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