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How Instagram Makes You Basic, Boring, and Completely Deranged

By now, most people are familiar with the bad tendencies Instagram encourages: self-absorption, stalking, pastel-pink blandness. Two recent works—a novel, "Sympathy," and a film, "Ingrid Goes West"—take this as their subject.
Lauren Oyler

Why People Treat Taylor Swift's Albums Like They're the Damn 'Da Vinci Code'

Since the pop star released her new single, which very obviously references a series of public feuds she's recently been embroiled in, her fans have been obsessively searching for subtext that probably isn't there.
Lauren Oyler

Anonymous 'Incest Diary' Is a Brutally Honest Account of Paternal Rape

From ages 3 to 21, a woman was raped and abused by her father. Her new memoir examines the trauma and its aftermath in unprecedented detail.
Lauren Oyler

Woman Convicted After Laughing at Jeff Sessions Gets New Trial

Sixty-one-year-old Desiree Fairooz was found guilty of disruptive or disorderly conduct, but a judge has ruled the government made inappropriate arguments during the trial.
Lauren Oyler

Amanda Bynes Appreciation Post

In a new interview, the beloved teen-comedy star said she's been sober for three years and plans to return to acting after a seven-year hiatus.
Lauren Oyler
Social Media

A Publicist Explains What to Do if You Accidentally Tweet Porn

"If. You're. Going. To. Take. A. Screenshot. Review. The. Screenshot. Before. You. Post. It!"
Lauren Oyler

Portland Semen-Flinging Spree Apparently Part of Disturbing Trend

Why do men do the things they do?
Lauren Oyler

This Ranking of 84 'Twin Peaks' Characters Will Make You Extremely Mad

Or at least eager to tell people that you, too, have seen the show.
Lauren Oyler

How the Push to 'Break the Silence' Fails the Feminist Movement

In her new essay collection, Rebecca Solnit, the author who gave rise to the term "mansplaining," celebrates how women have finally succeeded in telling the stories of their oppression. But she offers no perspective on what happens after that.
Lauren Oyler

Even Joan Didion's Unfinished Notes Are Good as Hell

In recent years, Joan Didion has been heralded as a literary hero for young women. Although her new book, "South and West," is small and apparently aimless, it nevertheless proves why she should be.
Lauren Oyler

'Not Just a Series of Genital Acts': The Woman Who Revolutionized Sex Education

As the medical director of Planned Parenthood and founder of the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the US, Dr. Mary Steichen Calderone believed sex ed should address topics besides abstinence and how to be a good wife.
Lauren Oyler

'It Allowed Me to Feel Like a Piece of Ham in a Tube Top': A Eulogy for Wet Seal

A somber reflection on the "edgy" teen retailer, which announced today that it would shutter all its stores.
Lauren Oyler