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What It's Like to Be a Foster Mom When You're Only 23

Eighty percent of foster carers in the UK are above 45. But for a small minority in their early 20s and 30s, taking a child into their homes has been the best decision of their lives.
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Why the Death of an Indian Politician Is Sparking Fears of Mass Suicide

The former Tamil Nadu chief minister, Jayalalithaa, died on Monday. The actress turned politician is no stranger to controversy, and her death has been no exception.
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Crime Scene Cleaners Describe How Dealing with Death Every Day Changes You

"You really have to concentrate and have sharp eyes because you don't want to leave a tiny bit of body fat wedged into the tarmac."
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Life as a Member of India's Third Gender Is a Blessing and a Curse

We spoke to filmmaker Tabs Breese, who spent three years with the hijra community in India to learn more about why living as a member of the country's officially recognized third gender is a unique—and uniquely difficult—experience.
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Nigeria's Instagram Agony Aunt Wants to Solve All Your Relationship Problems

Cheating boyfriend or husband? Sexted someone and lived to regret it? FatIboLady, a.k.a. Ziya'atulhaqq Usman Tahir, is here to help.
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What It's Like to Teach Yoga in a Women's Prison

Being a male yoga teacher at Holloway Prison, the biggest all-female jail in the UK, can be more complicated than you think.
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Meet the All-Women Peacekeeping Force of South Sudan

An ongoing civil war has claimed thousands of lives in Africa's youngest state, but the Women Peacekeeping Teams are paving the way for a route out of conflict.
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