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sexual assault

After Reporting Her Rape, a Teen Girl Says She Was Pushed Out of High School

DarbiAnne Goodwin says she was raped off campus during her sophomore year—and when administrators failed to offer her meaningful support following the incident, she felt her only choice was to enroll in an "alternative school."
Rebecca Grant

The Women Trolling the GOP with Bills that Restrict Viagra Use and Ejaculation

Throughout the US, female politicians are proposing laws that would regulate men's reproductive choices the way we regulate women's. Though the legislation is often described as satirical, the intent behind it is dead serious: to show how ridiculous...
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Donald Trump

Trump’s Massive Expansion of the Global Gag Rule Will Kill Women, Advocates Warn

The global gag rule forbids foreign NGOs that receive US funding from even speaking about abortion—and Trump just expanded it substantially. Millions of women could suffer and die as a result, reproductive rights organizations say.
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Criminal Justice

Wombs as Crime Scenes: What Happens When Pregnant Women Lose Their Civil Rights

This month, Anna Yocca was released from jail, following over a year of incarceration. Though her case may seem extreme, it's really the most recent high-profile example of a troubling new trend: women being arrested and prosecuted—and often accused of...
Rebecca Grant

Meet the Death Doula Who Helps People Deal with the 'Bookends of Life'

Increasingly, people are turning away from institutionalized births and funerals, which some find impersonal and intimidating. Laura Saba is there to help on both sides.
Rebecca Grant
100 years

How an Extremist Anti-Abortion Protest Resulted in a Safe Haven for Women

In 2015, a radical anti-abortion group tried to establish a headquarters in a vacant house next door to the only remaining abortion clinic in Montgomery, Alabama. Their plan backfired—and the building is now a safe haven for patients and pro-choice...
Rebecca Grant
reproductive rights

The Radical Heritage of the #ShoutYourAbortion Hashtag

2015 saw the birth of the #ShoutYourAbortion hashtag, but the Twitter trend has its roots in early feminist abortion speakouts. Now, the movement is returning to its roots.
Rebecca Grant

The Federal Fight to Save Victim Services Funding

Thousands of women are turned away from domestic violence shelters and rape crisis centers every day because these programs do not have the funding they need to keep up with demand.
Rebecca Grant