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The Most Revolting Moments from Jimmy Kimmel's 'The Man Show'

Before Jimmy Kimmel was hosting the Oscars, he hosted a show where he humped women on camera, made fun of their weight, and joked that Oprah had to do "a little more sock washing."
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The Alt-Right's Ongoing Obsession with Demonizing Gay People as Predators

This week, the alt-right made a spurious link between Antifa and pedophilia. The stunt drew on a longstanding history of calling gay people sexual predators and attempted to push the bigoted mythology even further.
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Unscrewing Ourselves

What Happened After California Revolutionized Sex Ed

Advocates of LGBTQ-inclusive, comprehensive sex education see California as a beacon of hope, but putting the Healthy Youth Act into practice hasn't been without its challenges.
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LGBT Dreamers Speak Out: 'It’s Like Being Sent Home to a Death Sentence'

Trans and queer DACA recipients share how Trump's decision could threaten their safety and dramatically disrupt the lives they've built in the US.
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How to Fight the Resurgence of Neo-Nazism in the Age of the Internet

Two women who have researched neo-Nazis on the internet for years share why hate groups are now being pushed onto the "dark web" and how "free speech" needs to be redefined for the digital age.
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How to Celebrate Today's Historic Eclipse Like a Witch

"It takes both a disciplined and experienced witch to harvest the power of the eclipse magic."
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Doxxing White Supremacists Is Making Them Terrified

“It’s hard to get a job, hard to make a living, hard to have a normal social life when all your friends and family know you believe in ethnic cleansing.”
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The Woman Who's Making History as the Black, Trans Editor in Chief of a Publication

Ashlee Marie Preston sits down with Broadly to talk about the responsibility journalists have to represent marginalized voices—and how she found herself at the forefront of the movement to boycott a radio show over transphobic comments.
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We Asked the 'Dream Daddy' Creators About the Game's Rumored 'Dark Twist'

"Dream Daddy" has received wide acclaim for its nuanced treatment of its LGBT characters—but some users discovered a disturbing storyline in the game's source code. We talked to the creators about the backlash, and whether the "dark twist" exists at all.
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Eat Pray Spank: The Hot, Wild World of BDSM Vacations

Looking for a lovely, outdoor getaway where no one can hear you scream?
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The Challenges of Blocking Self-Harm Imagery on Social Media

A new study examines the roles social platforms like Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram can, or should, play in stopping the spread of graphic self-harm imagery.
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You Can Now Listen In on Other People's Couples Therapy

In one episode of her new podcast, "Where Should We Begin?," renowned therapist Esther Perel blindfolds a couple and encourages the husband to adopt a French-speaking persona named Jean-Claude.
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