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Apr 15 2017

Venus retrograde is over today! Venus turns direct in emotional Water sign Pisces at 6:17 AM, ending a 40-day period around reviewing our values, wants, and needs. The Moon, in Sagittarius, clashes with Neptune at 9:15 AM—watch out for escapism. The Moon connects with Jupiter at 5:15 PM, putting people in a peaceful mood.

All times EST.

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March 21 - April 19

Venus retrograde ends today. Your dreams have been delivering you important messages: Have you been paying attention? You've learned a lot about how you want to be treated over the last few weeks, Aries—continue standing up for yourself, brave ram!


April 20 - May 20

Your ruling planet, Venus, ends its retrograde today, closing a long period of reflection around issues relating to love, money, beauty, and worth. Surround yourself with loving, supportive friends, Taurus!


May 21 - June 20

Venus retrograde ends today! You've made some big realizations over the last few weeks around how you want to be seen by the world. Relationships are on your mind today thanks to the Moon in Sagittarius.


June 21 - July 22

The Venus retrograde has found you deeply rethinking your beliefs around love and money, as well as your values. Now that Venus is turning direct today in Pisces, you're ready to move forward with your new outlook.


July 23 - August 22

Venus ends its retrograde today, pushing things forward within your intimate relationships. Things have been complicated as hell recently! The Moon in Sagittarius has you in a flirty mood, too.


August 23 - September 22

Venus is finally ending its retrograde in Pisces, the sign opposite from you on the zodiac wheel! The last few weeks have been major for your relationships, especially the intimate ones. Things are finally moving forward now.


September 23 - October 22

Your ruling planet, Venus, ends its retrograde today—thank goodness! It's been rough, Libra, but you've gotten clearer about everything, from your relationships to your self-care routine.


October 23 - November 21

Venus ends its retrograde in Pisces today, finally easing things up in your love life. The stuff that used to inspire you just doesn't cut it anymore—but now you have a new way of looking at things.


November 22 - December 21

Venus has been retrograde in sensitive Water sign Pisces, putting you in a sensitive mood, but the retrograde is finally over today! A lot of personal, private issues have come up for you to work with—now you have a clear idea about what's important to you.


December 22 - January 19

Venus retrograde is finally over! Sweet planet Venus had been retrograde in sensitive Pisces, making communication rough for you, but you learned a lot about what's important to you.


January 20 - February 19

Venus has been retrograde in Pisces, activating the financial sector of your chart and bringing up concerns about cash and sell-worth. The retrograde is over today, and these issues will begin moving forward!


February 19 - March 20

Venus has been retrograde in your sign, and today it's finally over! Issues concerning love, money, and your values will begin moving forward and feel less complicated and intense.

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