Inside a Rally of Hundreds Telling Trump Trans People #WontBeErased

After a leaked Department of Health and Human Services memo revealed an agenda to strip 1.4 million trans Americans of gender recognition on Sunday, LGBTQ people and allies gathered in New York City's Washington Square Park to protest.
Diana Tourjée
Sara David
Sarah Burke
2 days ago

Cast This Venus Retrograde Spell to Tap Into Your Inner Wisdom

"Everyday Magic" author Semra Haksever crafted a bespoke ritual just for Broadly.
Semra Haksever
2 days ago
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Weekly Horoscope: October 22 - 28

Scorpio season begins this week!
Randon Rosenbohm
2 days ago
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This Influential UK Parliamentary Committee Just Backed a Stalkers Register

The Home Affairs Select Committee, which advises British lawmakers on policy, announced its support of a national database of serial stalkers and domestic abuse perpetrators.
Sirin Kale
2 days ago
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Daily Horoscope: October 22, 2018

The moon enters Aries today.
Annabel Gat
2 days ago
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Daily Horoscope: October 21, 2018

The moon is in Pisces today.
Annabel Gat
3 days ago
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Daily Horoscope: October 20, 2018

The moon is in Pisces.
Annabel Gat
4 days ago

'Soul of a Nation' Exhibit Rocks Perceptions of Black Revolutionary Art

This collection of dozens of works spanning two decades depicts a divided America during one of the country's most aesthetically revolutionary periods.
Danielle Kwateng-Clark
4 days ago

Queer Sex Magic: How to Do LGBTQ Witchcraft in Bed

According to professional witches, you can perform queer sex magic either with a partner or by yourself. I set a self-acceptance intention and tried it out.
Tracey Duncan
5 days ago

Native American Is Not My Race—It's Who I Am

Elizabeth Warren may feel vindicated about her ancestry, but defining Native American identity by race often results in dangerous challenges to Indigenous rights and sovereignty.
Mariah Gladstone
5 days ago
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'The Florida Project' Star Bria Vinaite on Getting High

In this episode of Broadly Hotline, ‘The Florida Project’ star Bria Vinaite talks to host Bunny Michael about proper weed etiquette.
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Tuxedo Mask's Unconditional Love for Sailor Moon Was Revolutionary—And Hot

Usagi was a loud-mouth cry-baby with a voracious appetite—and Mamoru thought she was perfect. Growing up, Tuxedo Mask showed me that, one day, I'd meet someone who'd love me for who I was.
Janelle Lassalle
5 days ago