25 Strong is a new series highlighting people who have broken barriers and changed culture in 2018. Created with Reebok.

The Women of Skate Kitchen Aren’t Here to Perform

Dede Lovelace and Rachelle Vinberg on learning life lessons on longboards.

Mariel Cruz

Art Curator and Writer Kimberly Drew Doesn’t See Obstacles

The founder of popular blog Black Contemporary Art on opening up the art world, why more is always better, and how she finally learned to just say no

Mariel Cruz

#MeToo Founder Tarana Burke on Working Through Trauma to Create Joy

The activist on the misconceptions surrounding the movement, why every platform is powerful, and how she moved beyond mindfulness.

Kenya Anderson

The Tech Activist Supporting Trans Communities Through Art and Technology

Angelica Ross on Buddhism, Beyoncé, and working to help keep trans sex workers safe.

Alexandra DiPalma

The Independent Filmmaker Working To Fight Erasure

Director Tourmaline on telling nuanced stories from the transgender community

Alexandra DiPalma

The Musician and Visual Artist Who Uses Music as an Armor

Eartheater’s world begins where words end.

Straith Schreder

Snail Mail Isn’t Afraid of Big Emotions

The 19-Year-old musician on saying no, being her own boss, and writing songs to get to know herself better.

Diane Chang

The Founder of The Movemeant Foundation Believes in The Power of Love Handles

Former competitive dancer and current SoulCycle Master instructor Jenny Gaither on positive enabling—and why being healthy has nothing to do with being an athlete.

Monica Lengyel Karlson

The Filmmaker and Fashion Designer Creating Her Own Value System

Hood By Air co-founder Leilah Weinraub on capturing a slice of black lesbian nightlife

Mariel Cruz

The Soccer Coach Using The Pitch to Create Peace

Claudianny Drika is saving at-risk Brazilian youth through sport

Alexandra DiPalma

The Composer Who Sees Music Before She Hears It

Angelica Negrón is learning to tune out other people’s voices and listen to her own

Mariel Cruz

The Indie Filmmaker Fighting to Reveal a Deeper Humanity

Award-winning director Josephine Decker on storytelling, creating space, and finding strength in the unknown

Amna Siddiqui