How 'Cruel Intentions' Brought High-Glamor Cruelty On a Shoestring Budget

For its 20th anniversary, we speak to the cast and crew of the cult classic about persuading the Rolling Stones to play ball, sourcing school uniforms from Goodwill, and how that rosary necklace was made.
Sirin Kale

The Gruesome Demise of the 90s Erotic Thriller

The sexy, transgressive film genre that spawned "Basic Instinct" and "Fatal Attraction" is long gone. What happened?
Christina Newland
the history of

Please Not the Shack: How M.A.S.H. Came to Predict Our Uncertain Futures

Everyone remembers spending time at sleepovers and between classes trying to divine their destiny through the acronymic game—but most fail to realize it's an age-old method of sublimating our existential dread as helpless children.
Gabby Bess

Hanson Reveals the Surprising Story Behind 'MMMBop'

The 20-year anniversary of the mega pop hit also marks the day grunge died and pop music was re-embraced by teens round the world. And it was all thanks to a bunch of indie-rock hipsters.
Jonathan Parks-Ramage
New York

Party Monster James St. James Looks Back on Drugs, Murder, and Dance

We talked to the author of "Disco Bloodbath" and former member of the 90s Club Kid clique about Andy Warhol, Michael Alig, and how he's made his downtown fantasy last a lifetime.
Jonathan Parks-Ramage

Lili Taylor Talks 'American Crime', Independent Film in the 90s, and Birding

Taylor has a career filled with more bravura performances than just about anyone working in Hollywood. She also likes birding.
Scott Neumyer

Alternatives to Alternatives: the Black Grrrls Riot Ignored

Nineties nostalgia has transformed the Riot Grrrl movement from the alternative underground to a mainstream obsession. But just like before, black women are being left out.
Gabby Bess