Nearly $1 Million Awarded to Trans Women Denied Surgical Care

Alina Boyden and Shannon Andrews of Wisconsin have just won an important battle in the fight for transgender health care protections.
Diana Tourjée
transgender health care

Trans Woman Says CVS Refused to Fill Her Hormone Prescription

Hilde Hall tells the ACLU she left an Arizona CVS near tears after the pharmacist on duty "humiliated" her.
Marie Solis
reproductive rights

Iowa Supreme Court Strikes Down 72-Hour Abortion Waiting Period

Planned Parenthood of the Heartland and the ACLU won their suit to overturn unconstitutional restrictions on abortion rights in the state.
Marie Solis
reproductive rights

'I Wanted to Die': How Pregnant Women Suffer in ICE Detention

Jennye Pagoada Lopez says she was four months into a high-risk pregnancy when she miscarried while in ICE custody. But ICE officials insist she was never pregnant in their care.
Chris Gelardi
Yemile Bucay

Student Charged with Hate Crime for Rubbing Used Tampons on Roommate's Things

In a Facebook video, University of Hartford freshman Chennel Rowe, who is black, details the abuse she faced from her former roommate Brianna Brochu, who is white. Brochu allegedly also put moldy clam dip in Rowe's lotion and spit in her coconut oil.
Linda Yang

Trump Nominee Called Trans Kids Part of 'Satan's Plan'

Jeff Mateer, an extremist lawyer who currently works for the Texas Attorney General's office, has also advocated for conversion therapy and has said that same-sex marriage will lead to bestiality.
Gabby Bess

ACLU Sues Michigan For Allowing Anti-LGBT Adoption Discrimination

Even though Michigan has 13,000 children in need of foster homes, adoption agencies are allowed to turn away LBGT families for religious reasons.
Diana Tourjée

ICE Plans to Destroy Records of Abuse, Sexual Assault in Immigrant Detention Centers

According to the ACLU, the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), is considering allowing ICE to destroy documents related to detainees, operations, and more based on various timetables.
Kimberly Lawson

'I Just Wanted to Do My Job': Trans Military Members React to Impending Ban

According to reports, Trump will soon be issuing a memo to the Pentagon that bans transgender people from enlisting and leaves current troops in limbo.
Gabby Bess
Lindsay Schrupp

Stop Protesting the Alt-Right, Hate Group Watchdog Advises

The Southern Poverty Law Center released a guide for college students, warning that protests only give white nationalists the attention they so desperately crave.
Mitchell Sunderland
reproductive rights

Hundreds of Extremists Plan to Descend on Kentucky's Last Abortion Clinic

The EMW Women's Surgical Center is bracing itself for a week-long protest that's bringing together anti-abortion zealots from across the US.
Gabby Bess

Rape Victims Must Notify Their Rapist Before Getting an Abortion in Arkansas

A new law states that an aborted fetus must be treated as a deceased family member, requiring both "parents" to consent to the disposal of it.
Gabby Bess