Women's Anger Will Change the World

In this excerpt from Soraya Chemaly's new book, "Rage Becomes Her: The Power of Women's Anger," the activist and author urges readers to use their inner rage as a powerful tool for social change.
Sooraya Chemaly
2 days ago
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How to Make a Political Impact if You Can't Vote

In the United States, people under 18, undocumented people, and some people who have been convicted of felonies can't take part in elections. Here are some ideas about what to do instead of (or in addition to!) voting.
Leila Ettachfini
sexual violence

'Incomprehensible': Elizabeth Smart Reacts to Her Kidnapper's Early Release from Prison

When Elizabeth Smart was 14, Wanda Barzee helped her ex-husband rape and abuse her for nine months. Now, after serving 15 years in jail, Barzee is set to be released next week.
Sirin Kale

Two Years After Qandeel Baloch's Murder, Women Are Rallying in Her Name

The social media star dubbed "Pakistan's Kim Kardashian" was the victim of a brutal honor killing. Here's how her legacy has inspired a generation of women.
Sophie Hemery

Camping Outside Congress During Argentina's Abortion Vote

Early Thursday morning, Argentina's Senate voted against legalizing abortion. I spent the 10 hours before standing in the cold with fellow activists hoping for a different outcome.
Paloma Navarro Nicoletti

These Very Glam Portraits Celebrate the Beauty of Double Chins

For its latest issue, London-based queer zine Polyester wanted to highlight the double chin as part of a message of fat acceptance and body positivity.
Sirin Kale

Photos of Drag Queens and Kings Dragging Donald Trump's UK Visit

The LGBTQ community turned up in full force—and full drag—to protest President Donald Trump's first visit to the UK.
Alice Zoo
Zing Tsjeng
Malala Yousafzai

Malala Is Spending her 21st Birthday Organizing with Indigenous Brazilian Girls

In the last year, women's rights and education activist Malala Yousafzai attended Oxford University, launched a digital publication, and traveled the world to fight gender discrimination and help girls go to school.
Noa Azulai

The Controversial Pro-Choice Collective Republicans Labeled a 'Hate Group'

The SisterSerpents outraged right-wingers and were described as "bra-burning, knife-wielding Amazons." Why were they so feared?
Steph Brandhuber

The Activists Using Embroidery to Protest Mexico's Murder Epidemic

For Fuentes Rojas, a collective that reclaims public space through peaceful protest, stitching is one way to remember those who have been disappeared or killed in their country.
Lauren Cocking

How One Woman Rebuilt Her Life After Escaping North Korea

Very few people escape North Korea once—let alone twice. But Jiyhun Park, a survivor of sex trafficking and forced labor camps, is determined to shed light on the regime's human rights abuses.
Sirin Kale
The Privacy and Perception Issue

When I Made a Sex Work Pseudonym, I Didn't Know I'd Be Her Forever

I didn’t realize at the time, that my new name would both protect and endanger me—and that my youthful attempt to rewrite my story would actually help form the person I would become.
Kitty Stryker