Danai Gurira Says We Need to 'Re-Engage' the HIV Epidemic in Africa

"Black Panther" star Danai Gurira recently accepted her title as a UN Global Ambassador and spoke about her passion for HIV prevention and education.
Danielle Kwateng-Clark

Inside the Psychedelic New Film Genre Redefining African Representation

Kenyan filmmakers Wanuri Kahiu, Likarion Wainaina, and Philippa Ndisi-Herrmann tell us how AFROBUBBLEGUM is expanding onscreen depictions of Africa.
Sophie Monks Kaufman

The Photographer Documenting Schoolgirls In Northern Nigeria

Rahima Gambo wanted to depict Nigerian schoolgirls in a more realistic and nuanced way than Western presentations of the Chibok schoolgirls, who were kidnapped by Boko Haram in 2014. Now she's been nominated for a prestigious photography prize.
Sirin Kale

Rihanna Has Raised Millions for Girls' Education—and She's Just Getting Started

At the Diamond Ball, in her advocacy, and writing in a new Guardian op-ed, Rih is supporting education initiatives for children across the globe. Nothing but respect for our commander-in-chief.
Danielle Kwateng-Clark

The Dictator Who Forced Me Into Bogus HIV Treatment—And Nearly Killed Me

In the 2000s, former Gambian President Yahya Jammeh believed that he had the power to heal HIV/AIDS. Fatou Jatta was one of the thousands of patients made to undergo his sham treatment.
Anna Pujol Mazzini

This Girl Band Is Thriving Despite a Racist Hate Campaign Against Them

Rightwing tabloids called them "Ethiopia's Spice Girls" and labeled them a waste of taxpayers' money. Now Yegna is fighting back.
Veronique Mistiaen
reproductive rights

Tanzania Plans to Arrest Pregnant Girls and Take Them to Court

The regional commissioner in charge of the plan argued that it would make them less likely to have sex.
Sirin Kale

After Losing Her Family to AIDS, This Woman Built an App to Save Lives

When Ruth Nabembezi's sister and parents died in her teens, the 22-year-old Ugandan created Ask Without Shame, an online platform for young people to get the sexual health information they need.
Alice McCool

Women With Albinism Are Being Tortured, Dismembered, and Their Limbs Sold for Magic

In Malawi, having albinism is the equivalent of having a moving target upon your back.
Sirin Kale

These Women Figured Out a Way to Map and Find Girls at Risk of FGM

Every other December, scores of Tanzanian girls endure what's colloquially known as "cutting season." Now, new mapping technology can help activists locate girls who might be in danger—and get them to safe houses before it's too late.
Florence Wilkinson

The South African Artist Fearlessly Tackling Race, Sex, and Gender

Laura Windvogel a.k.a. Lady Skollie is the multi-hyphenate artist who paints, makes zines, and even hosts her own radio show. She talks about why the best art is also the most accessible.
Grace Banks

The Survivor Who Was Carjacked, Raped, and Now Fights for Other Victims

Wangu Kanja was 25 when she was carjacked and raped at gunpoint in Kenya. Now, the 41 year old is fighting for survivors' voices to be heard in the country.
Lucy Pasha-Robinson