sexual assault

R. Kelly's Victimhood Doesn't Excuse His Alleged Sexual Misconduct

“I Admit” addresses sexual misconduct accusations against Kelly and mentions his childhood experiences with abuse. Critics say the song seems like a bizarre attempt to garner public sympathy in the hopes of absolving Kelly of his alleged crimes.
Leila Ettachfini

What Alia Shawkat Wishes Was Said in Controversial NY Times Interview

In a recent interview with cast members from "Arrested Development"— which spiraled into a heated discussion around actor Jeffrey Tambor's behavior toward co-star Jessica Walter—Alia Shawkat stayed relatively quiet. Now, she wants to be heard.
Diana Tourjée
sexual harassment

Yet Another Woman Accuses Harvey Weinstein of Sexual Harassment

Following two explosive reports into decades of the famed producer's sexual misconduct, another woman has come forward with her story of harassment. Her attorney Gloria Allred says that Weinstein's promise to seek therapy is "not enough."
Kimberly Lawson

No Really, Bill O'Reilly Wrote About the Importance of Consent in His New Book

The Fox News host has reportedly settled with five different women on allegations of sexual harassment and other inappropriate behavior.
Kimberly Lawson

Minor and Pathetic Award Winner James Deen Barely Visible at AVN

After multiple rape and assault allegations were made against porn star James Deen in 2015, the actor was generally snubbed at the 2016 AVN Awards.
Diana Tourjée