This New Feminist Antifa Group Is Taking on the Far-Right

When a right-wing group decided to march through London, the Feminist Anti-Fascism Assembly were there to hold them back.
Bex Wade

Fighting Fascism at the UK's Feminist Antifa Martial Arts Gym

Solstar in North London describes itself as a "red gym" run on left-wing principles. Founders Ella Gilbert and Paula Lamont explain how boxing can be a form of political resistance.
Ayoola Solarin

The Alt-Right's Ongoing Obsession with Demonizing Gay People as Predators

This week, the alt-right made a spurious link between Antifa and pedophilia. The stunt drew on a longstanding history of calling gay people sexual predators and attempted to push the bigoted mythology even further.
Steven Blum

How the Socialist Feminists of WITCH Use Magic to Fight Capitalism

The first incarnation of WITCH performed their inaugural action—a hex on Wall Street—on Halloween in 1968. Now a new generation of witches is taking up the mantle from the infamous provocateurs.
Gabby Bess

GOP Politician Accused of Joking that Protesters Should Be Raped in Prison

In response to reports that antifa protesters in Portland clashed with police this weekend, Minnesota Rep. Pat Garofalo tweeted they should be held in jail for 72 hours and given "alone time with Bubba in Appalachia."
Diana Tourjée

Is It OK to Hex a Nazi? How Anti-Fascist Witches Are Mobilizing Under Trump

As Trump supporters and antifa clash throughout the country, witches are turning their magical attention towards the new administration—and their spells are not all about love and light.
Callie Beusman