I Tried Cryotherapy to Cope with My Global Warming Anxiety

Spoiler alert: It was cold.
Zing Tsjeng

Learning to Accept All the Unexpected Ways Anxiety Can Shape Your Life

In 'First, We Make the Beast Beautiful,' author Sarah Wilson chronicles her struggle with severe anxiety and all the ways she's tried to tame it.
Abigail Bereola
The Privacy and Perception Issue

The Loneliness—and Comfort—of Being Online

I’m into the internet as a gateway to systems of care—the kind of care that turns a sad finsta post into a spontaneous visit, a phone call, a gift; turns a silent question into 1,000 late-night answers, turns the monster within into a collective hum.
Aisha Mirza
New Years Eve

Why Is New Year's Eve So Depressing?

It's no secret that the holidays can be rough on mental health. We spoke to a psychologist about why New Year's Eve is especially difficult for some people.
Leila Ettachfini

Some Good News for Once: Smoking Weed Won't Give You Anxiety

A new analysis debunks the myth that cannabis use causes anxiety disorder symptoms.
Gabby Bess
mental health

Why Some Anxious People Find Comfort in Horror Movies

It may not make sense, but some people with anxiety disorders–myself included—love nothing more than calming down with a terrifying film. I talked to researchers to find out why.
Abby Moss
mental health

I Did Hypnosis with My Mom to Try and Cure Our Shared Anxiety

I don't know if my tendency to panic is inherited, learned, or a combination of the two. What I do know is that my mom feared the devil might possess me as a baby.
Allie Volpe

Sad Girls Club: Meet the Woman Pioneering Mental Health for Young Girls of Color

"There's really nothing there for us between the suicide hotline and talking to a therapist. We're here to bring girls together, to discuss, talk, and create a true community within the mental health world."
Linda Yang
mental health

Understanding the Hidden Suicide Problem Among Women in Medicine

Female health workers in Australia suffer higher levels of psychological distress than the general female population, and take their lives three to four times more often. But stigma around poor mental health makes the issue difficult to address.
Rebecca Kamm
mental health

When You Can't Stop Thinking About Killing Your Boyfriend

Violet suspected she might be a serial killer, while Georgia kept having visions of having sex with her father. For some women, intrusive thoughts aren't just annoying—they're a paralyzing symptom of mental health conditions like OCD and anxiety.
Jasmine Andersson

The Post-SSRI Orgasmic High

SSRIs are a form of antidepressants known to suppress libido, so what happens to your sex drive when you stop taking them?
Sophie Saint Thomas