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Watching 'Jeopardy!' Every Night Keeps Me From Clawing at the Walls

"Jeopardy!" reminds me that the history of the world is so much bigger than our meatloaf-brained president or Facebook giving away everyone's data like free orange chicken samples in a mall food court.
Gabby Noone
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FaceTiming My Loved Ones Is Like Basic Emotional Hygiene

I brush my teeth and FaceTime at least two times a day.
Jasmine Sanders
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How My Phone Saved Me From Feeling Like a Constant Failure

Making an endless to-do list made me feel like a failure—until an iPhone app helped me see the difference between taking out the trash and tackling my bigger life goals.
Crissy Milazzo

I Tried a Sensory Deprivation Tank to Cure Me from the News Cycle

Twenty-four hour news has put me into a state of frenzied anxiety. Can locking myself in a floatation pod help?
Zing Tsjeng
mental health

How to Get Out of Bed When You're Depressed

Shake your body, call a friend, talk to yourself in third person.
Kimberly Lawson
Black Power Naps

A Poem for the Anxious and Exhausted

jamilah malika's poem "rest / woke" works as ritual Black people can reflect on to connect with their bodies.
jamilah malika
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Why Long Phone Conversations Are Necessary to My Happiness

A phone call is a remarkably contained experience between two people in a world that otherwise demands we share everything.
Marjon Carlos
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I Made Peace With My Body on a Sweaty Dance Floor

On a dance floor, I realized that I can use my mind not to punish myself, but to invite a special brand of silence to make room for celebration.​
Kimberly Drew

I Tried Cryotherapy to Cope with My Global Warming Anxiety

Spoiler alert: It was cold.
Zing Tsjeng

Learning to Accept All the Unexpected Ways Anxiety Can Shape Your Life

In 'First, We Make the Beast Beautiful,' author Sarah Wilson chronicles her struggle with severe anxiety and all the ways she's tried to tame it.
Abigail Bereola
The Privacy and Perception Issue

The Loneliness—and Comfort—of Being Online

I’m into the internet as a gateway to systems of care—the kind of care that turns a sad finsta post into a spontaneous visit, a phone call, a gift; turns a silent question into 1,000 late-night answers, turns the monster within into a collective hum.
Aisha Mirza
New Years Eve

Why Is New Year's Eve So Depressing?

It's no secret that the holidays can be rough on mental health. We spoke to a psychologist about why New Year's Eve is especially difficult for some people.
Leila Ettachfini