Gorgeous, Golden Paintings of Black Women as Queens

British-Liberian artist Lina Iris Viktor uses a stunning palette of inky blues, black, and 24-karat gold. She talks to Broadly ahead of her solo show at the New Orleans Museum of Art.
Zing Tsjeng
4 days ago

Evocative Paintings of an All-Black Swim Team of Senior Citizens

Nigeria-based artist Modupeola Fadugba worked with swimmers from the Harlem Honeys and Bears to create work exploring the political history of "Black swimming bodies."
Zing Tsjeng

Subversive Artwork That Breaks Free of the 'Pale, Male, and Stale' Art World

The group show "Neither Here, Nor There" brings together 21 women and nonbinary artists of color to explore notions of home, belonging, and identity
Zing Tsjeng

The Latinx Artist Capturing LA's Punk Scene in Raw, Intimate Portraits

Shizu Saldamando creates hand-drawn portraits of friends at backyard parties, club nights, and rock shows as a way to honor her often-overlooked community.
Eva Recinos

The Controversial Pro-Choice Collective Republicans Labeled a 'Hate Group'

The SisterSerpents outraged right-wingers and were described as "bra-burning, knife-wielding Amazons." Why were they so feared?
Steph Brandhuber

These Viral Space Pride Flags Are Proof the Universe Is Gay

Queer and nonbinary anthropologist Laurie Raye used pictures of stars, nebulas, and galaxies to make a non-binary flag—then, the requests for more astral LGBTQ pride flags started flowing in.
Zing Tsjeng

How Frida Kahlo's Husband Tried to Lock Away Her Letters to Other Lovers

Diego Rivera hid Kahlo's personal possessions in a bathroom and instructed a friend not to release them until 15 years after his death. Now the rediscovered objects are the subject of a new exhibition in London.
Katy Fallon
Weed Week 2018

The Artists On a Mission to De-Stigmatize Weed in Asian Cultures

Seoul-based "smokewear" brand Sundae School celebrated 420 with a weed-themed showcase of Asian-American artists like Emma Sulkowicz and Bubble_T.
Katherine Tutrone

The Trans Performance Artist Who Vomited on Susan Sarandon

Rose Wood is the no-holds-barred headliner at The Box, the notorious nightclub in New York and London—and now she's the star of the documentary "Miss Rosewood."
Victor P Corona

I Caused a National Scandal After Painting the Virgin in Fishnets

Bolivian artist Rilda Paco wanted to make a statement on the drunken excess and violence at her country's annual Carnival. Instead, she received rape and death threats.
Amy Booth

Find Yourself in the Queer Version of Google Maps

Queering the Map is a global, crowdsourced atlas of tender LGBTQ moments.
Sarah Burke

Emma Sulkowicz's New Show is a Thank You to Those Who Supported Them

After bursting onto the art scene with "Mattress Performance," Emma Sulkowicz further explores trauma and creates a literal net-work of support in their first gallery show, "The Floating World."
Linda Yang