This Camp for Rohingya Widow Refugees Offers Sanctuary From Sexual Violence

Rohingyas are a Muslim minority from the largely Buddhist country of Myanmar who have been victims of “ethnic cleansing." The 'rari' camp in Bangladesh is a safe haven for young widows and girls who have been hit the hardest in the crisis.
Jennifer Chowdhury

'I've Seen Everything': The Doctor Helping Refugee Women Survive Trauma

Dr. Fatema Akter is no ordinary physician. In the refugee camps of Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, she sees up to 80 patients a day—many of whom have suffered horrific persecution.
Helen Nianias

The Pot-Smoking Female Mystics of Bangladesh

The Bauls are a spiritual sect of troubadours who roam the countryside and sing for their supper. They also smoke a lot of weed.
Nathan Thompson

Four Years After the Rana Plaza Disaster, Life Remains Tough for Garment Workers

Not much has changed since 1,129 Bangladeshi garment workers died in the 2013 disaster. One photographer takes us inside the brutal working conditions still endured by people in the industry.
Claudio Montesano Casillas

The Teens Going Door to Door to Stop Child Marriages

Child marriage is technically illegal in Bangladesh, but six in 10 girls are still married off before the age of 18. Now, teens across the country are adopting grassroots approaches to fight for their rights—and it's working.
Madeline Moitozo

How Much It Sucks to Be a Sri Lankan Worker Making Beyoncé's New Clothing Line

According to a newspaper investigation, the sweatshop workers making the Ivy Park collection for Topshop are only making 64 cents an hour. We ask an expert on the Sri Lankan clothes industry just how bad the situation really is.
Sirin Kale