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Hell Yeah: Sanders' Medicare-for-All Plan Would Guarantee Abortion Coverage

By including universal abortion coverage in his single-payer plan, Bernie Sanders is showing a significant commitment to protecting reproductive rights.
Sejal Singh

'It's Just the Right Thing to Do': Kamala Harris Sponsors Single-Payer Bill

Last night, the California senator announced her plans to co-sponsor Sen. Bernie Sanders' "Medicare for All" bill.
Gabby Bess
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Trump to Rig the Economy for His Monstrous Banker Friends, Reports Say

Today, Trump reportedly plans to dismantle the Dodd-Frank Act. Instituted by Obama in response to the recession, the act was considered by many to represent "the most comprehensive financial regulatory reform measures taken since the Great Depression."
Amanda Arnold

Nina Turner on How to Make the Democratic Party Great Again

The former Senator from Ohio and Bernie surrogate says the answer is plain and simple: "We need to give a shit about the people."
Gabby Bess
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Why This Bernie Staffer Wants the Latino Community to Vote for Hillary

"Muslims, Mexicans, and women are going to be at the front line when it comes to having to deal with the mess of a Trump administration."
Gabby Bess

'Free the Nipple' Bernie Sanders Activist Sues LAPD for False Arrest, Assault

According to a lawsuit filed last week, after a 25-year-old woman allegedly removed the tape covering her nipples outside a Bernie Sanders rally in LA, all hell broke loose.
Kimberly Lawson

Find Out Which Politician Is Your Astrological Soulmate

We asked one of New York's favorite astrology duos, the Saturn Sisters, to weigh in on the most important question this election cycle: Which politician should you date, based on your sign? (Don't worry: Trump isn't compatible with anyone.)
Gabby Bess

Bernie Supporters Vow to Vote for the Senator Whether He Wants Them To or Not

We talked to the organization that claimed nearly all the protesting permits outside the DNC so that they could force the party to make Bernie Sanders its nominee.
Gabby Bess

Bernie Sanders Supporters Plan Fart-In at Democratic National Convention

Cheri Honkala and the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign believe farting is the only way Hillary Clinton will pay attention to the poor.
Mitchell Sunderland

We Talked to a Magician, a Bookie, and a Sex Worker about the Election

Magicians for Bernie, Bookies for Trump, and Hookers for Hillary. We chat with some unconventional voters in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Natasha Vargas-Cooper

What It's Really Like to Attend the Iowa Caucuses

In the high school auditorium where I had once seen my 17-year-old neighbor perform in "Grease," I tried to convince shouting members of my community to come on over to the Hillary side.
Lyz Lenz

Which Presidential Candidate Is the Most Male Feminist Candidate?

For the politically active Male Feminist, this weekend's Democratic debate offered more questions than answers.
Michael Hafford