Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton

Monica Lewinsky Wants Bill Clinton to Apologize to Her

"I’m less disappointed by him, and more disappointed for him. He would be a better man for it . . . and we, in turn, a better society," Lewinsky wrote in an essay for Vanity Fair.
Marie Solis
sexual misconduct

Abuse of Power Can Happen at Any Age

On Sunday, Hillary Clinton said because Monica Lewinsky "was an adult," Bill Clinton did not abuse his power over her. Experts say that abuses of power can happen at any age.
Leila Ettachfini
reproductive rights

The Abortion Pill was Supposed to Revolutionize Abortion Access. What Happened?

The abortion pill is safe and easy—and it could give American women unprecedented reproductive autonomy. Its political opponents have spent over a decade ensuring this doesn't happen.
Gabby Bess

When Donald Trump Called Bill Clinton's Accusers Ugly Losers

Long before Donald Trump invited women who have accused Bill Clinton of rape to participate in a Facebook Live panel, Trump said Clinton was the "victim" in his sexual misconduct scandal.
Kimberly Lawson
sexual assault

Believe All Victims?: A Primer on Bill Clinton's Groping and Rape Allegations

Would women still feel comfortable having Bill Clinton back in the White House if his accusers had come forward today instead of twenty years ago?
Cole Kazdin

If Hillary Clinton Becomes President, Who Will Be the First Lady?

By definition, the First Lady is "the wife or hostess of the chief executive of a country or jurisdiction." Would Bill take the job? Or would Hillary look for a more suitable candidate?
Gabriela Herstik

The Most Famous Person You Don't Know: A Cultural History of Hillary Clinton

What we can learn from a history of Hillary Clinton and her likenesses on film and TV, and how do they relate to the major moments of her first ladyship and political career?
Briana Fasone