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Zoe Kravitz Opens Up About Being Sexually Harassed On Set

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the actress shared her "very uncomfortable" experience with an unnamed director.
Terry Nguyen

What It Was Like for Survivors When Bill Cosby Was Sentenced

Women who have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault gathered in a Philadelphia courtroom on Tuesday with the hope of healing from decades of trauma.
Caroline Heldman

Bill Cosby's Case Proves It Shouldn't Matter When an Assault Victim Reports

Walking away from Cosby’s case, given the stories of over 60 survivors, it’s absurd that the legal system relied on archaic and illogical statutes of limitations in order to jail this abuser and others like him.
Danielle Kwateng-Clark
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10 Men Who Have Successful Careers Despite Being Accused of Rape

Some critics of the #metoo movement have warned that accusing men of sexual assault will ruin their careers, but for high-profile men like Billy Cosby, Woody Allen, Kobe Bryant, R. Kelly, and Donald Trump, this hasn't been the case.
Kimberly Lawson
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What It Felt Like to Attend the Cosby Trial With Six of His Accusers

I spent 13 days at the Cosby trial with a group of women who say he drugged and sexually assaulted them—which made the eventual mistrial all the more painful.
Caroline Heldman
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Survivors See Cosby Mistrial as Evidence for Why Women Don't Report Assault

After Bill Cosby's trial ended in a mistrial on Saturday, survivors and advocates point to fundamental issues in the judicial system that prevent sexual assault victims from seeing justice.
Bethy Squires

Alleged Cosby Victims Testify Against the Rape Law That Failed Them

This week, multiple women who have accused Bill Cosby of rape came together to help push forward a bill that would eliminate California's ten-year time restriction on reporting sexual assault.
Steven Blum

Bill Cosby Received His First Sexual Assault Charge This Morning

Weeks before the statute of limitations deadline, Pennsylvania prosecutors have brought a first-degree felony sexual assault charge against the beloved comedian, who was accused of drugging and assaulting a woman in January 2004.
Diana Tourjée

Inside the Fight to End California's Unfair Restrictions on Reporting Rape

Senator Connie Leyva is fighting California's statute of limitations law, which prevents the prosecution of rape cases after 10 years. The issue has been brought to light in the wake of the allegations against Bill Cosby, but Sen. Leyva says she is...
Haley Potiker
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Cosby Sues 7 of his 50-Plus Alleged Victims for Defamation and 'Hurt Feelings'

In a countersuit for defamation, Bill Cosby claims seven of his alleged victims are tarnishing his public image and causing him shame. An anti-rape advocate explains how his actions make it difficult for victims to come forward.
Callie Beusman

Activists Protest Garbage Rape Limitation Laws on Bill Cosby's Walk of Fame Star

Protestors gathered around Cosby's star on the Walk of Fame this weekend to tear up California's statute of limitations—laws which dictate how long victims have to report a rape.
Steven Blum

How the 'National Enquirer' Breaks Stories That Aren't Bullshit

We spoke to editor-in-chief Dylan Howard about how the newspaper uses investigative techniques to expose bad men like Charlie Sheen before mainstream news outlets.
Mitchell Sunderland