Black History Month


'The Boy Is Mine' Is a Radical Song About Choosing Friendship Over Drama

Originally written as a solo, Brandy and Monica recorded the song as a duet to squash rumors of their rivalry. Nearly 20 years later, "The Boy Is Mine" remains an anthem of solidarity.
Britt Julious

'Fast Car' and the Living Histories of Working Class Black Women

Tracy Chapman's most famous song has a singular point of view, that of a Black woman filled with regret and a sense of longing for a life not lived.
Britt Julious
Black Lives Matter

How to Be an Ally, According to Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Alicia Garza

The organizer, writer, and speaker tells Broadly what she learned growing a hashtag into an international activist movement, and her hopes for the future—including launching the first Black census.
Linda Yang
Black History Month

The Legacy of Mae Jemison, the First Black Woman to Travel Space

Breaking through glass ceilings and also earth's atmosphere.
Alexis Williams
Reel Women

The First Movie with a Black Lesbian Lead Pioneered a Whole New Genre

With 1996's "The Watermelon Woman," Cheryl Dunye not only created and starred in the first film with a Black lesbian lead—she pioneered a genre of docu-fiction that has since been dubbed "Dunyementary."
Kristen Yoonsoo Kim

The Olympian Who Taught Me to Celebrate Black Women's Strength and Power

My world was changed when, as a nine-year-old gymnast, I watched Dominique Dawes become the first Black person of any gender or nationality to win an Olympic gold medal in gymnastics.
Britt Julious
black history

The Model Who Broke Barriers as Vogue's First Ever Black Cover Girl

Pioneering model Donyale Luna was one of the hottest "it girls" of the 60s. But she ended up an obscure fashion footnote.
Lauren Sarazen

Our Favorite Movies with Black Women Leads You Can Stream Right Now

Because we've all watched enough white men.
Leila Ettachfini
black history

The Woman Who Escaped Enslavement By George Washington

Despite the first president's relentless attempts to capture Oney Judge, she always managed to evade him.
Lakshmi Gandhi
Jodie Landon

Seeing Myself and Other Suburban Black Girls in Jodie Landon

As the only black female character on "Daria," Jodie offered both a glance in the mirror and a glimpse of my future.
Britt Julious
black history

The Sex Worker and Playwright Who Fought to Register Black People to Vote

Endesha Ida Mae Holland's incredible life story is one you won't often find in history books about the civil rights movement.
Adebukola Ajao
Black History Month

Sales of Frederick Douglass' Books Rose After Trump's Deeply Confused Comments

Hopefully Trump purchased a few copies for himself.
Diana Tourjée