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Making a Successful Indie Film With My Brothers Was a Total Nightmare

In 2009, Kate Spicer started making "Mission to Lars," a low-budget film about trying to introduce her disabled older brother to his idol, Lars Ulrich, the drummer of Metallica. What happened next was less an uplifting tale of dreams coming true and...
Kate Spicer
you know who sucked

Hey Rude: John Lennon Mocked Disabled People Onstage

A newly discovered video reveals more of what we already knew about the wife-beating Beatle: He sucked.
Lauren Oyler

The Trans Manicurist Trading Nail Art For Education

23-year-old trans activist Charlie Craggs is trying to wipe out transphobia, one manicure at a time.
Zing Tsjeng
you know who sucked

You Don't Have to 'Imagine' John Lennon Beat Women and Children—It's Just a Fact

To celebrate the anniversary of the Beatle’s beloved album "Imagine," we recount some of the terrible things the famous asshole did during his life.
Lauren Oyler

How Charlotte Church Went from Pop to Politics

Britain's "Voice of an Angel" was selling millions of albums and singing for Bill Clinton and Tony Blair. Now she's undergone a very unlikely political renaissance.
Zing Tsjeng

Ela Xora: the Trans Artist and Campaigner in the Silver Mask

Gender doesn't fall on a straight line. That's the plainly stated but revolutionary message behind this south London-based trans artist's work.
Kate Neave

How to Be Caitlin Moran

The controversial British feminist is a controversial British feminist.
Lauren Oyler