'Soul of a Nation' Exhibit Rocks Perceptions of Black Revolutionary Art

This collection of dozens of works spanning two decades depicts a divided America during one of the country's most aesthetically revolutionary periods.
Danielle Kwateng-Clark

'Dinette' Is a Funny, Candid Portrayal of Living as a Non-Binary Millennial

The web series gives a glimpse into the everyday lives of women and non-binary people navigating relationships in Brooklyn.
Danielle Kwateng-Clark

Reshaping the Occult Narrative, One Witch Portrait at a Time

After learning her ancestral ties to witch persecution, photographer Frances F. Denny decided to shoot a series that reframes the narrative around the occult.
Miss Rosen

Brilliant Photos of Black Joy at the 2018 Afropunk Festival

In its 13th year, Afropunk BK is more than a music festival. It's a Black revival of self-expression.
Danielle Kwateng-Clark

The Women Making Art from Mementos of Heartbreak

In "I Used to Love Us," nine artists showcase work about ordinary household objects that remind them of their ex-lovers.
Sara David

What the Failures of a Feminist Bookstore Can Teach Us About Intersectionality

Brooklyn's now defunct Troll Hole was a zine and sex shop located in the corner of a busy laundromat. But it rarely attracted the women washing their clothes on the other side of its glittery, purple curtain.
Gabrielle Bruney
sexual assault

Brooklyn Hospital Illegally Charged Women for Their Rape Exams

Investigators determined that out of the 86 rape exams the hospital had conducted between January 2015 and February 2017, 85 were improperly billed for. Some of those cases even went to collections.
Kimberly Lawson
Created with Insecure on HBO

Genre-Defying Musician Justine Skye Says She's Her Own Competition

The 21-year-old RnB phenom opens up about growing up as part of the "New York Tumblr crew," her future dream-collabs, and the eclectic nature of her Broadly Play playlist.
Muna Mire

Why So Many Stores Have 'Fox' in Their Name

Does every store in New York want to be sexy like a fox? We investigate the recent fad in nomenclature.
Amanda Arnold

Getting Ready for Carnival, a Celebration of Flesh, Life, and Culture

We spent Labor Day weekend with dancers and costume makers prepping for the West Indian Carnival, an annual celebration that draws more than a million people in Brooklyn, NY. Amid the feathers and the sequins, we talked with participants about the...
Genel Ambrose and Kat Aileen

Mafia Hit Suspected in Murder of Beloved Brooklyn Pizzeria Owner

Louis Barbati, owner of Spumoni Gardens, was found murdered at his home with $10,000 cash on him. The Gardens was also tied to a double murder involving a stolen sauce recipe.
Nancy Dunham

The New Pussy-Powered, Heat-Packing Drag Shows Taking Over Brooklyn

In Brooklyn’s new queer performance scene, gender blending is the norm.
Dakota Kim