Women in Labor Are Being Turned Away From UK Hospitals

I narrowly avoided giving birth in my car after midwives said I wasn't ready to be admitted. I'm not the only mom this has happened to, either.
Carly Lewis-Oduntan
reproductive health

Women Are Being Denied Epidurals During Childbirth. Here's Why.

A forum post that asked mothers "anyone else tricked out of epidural?" attracted 1,000 replies in under two weeks.
Elysha Krupp
maternal health

New Bill Could Help Save Black Mothers' Lives

“Starting or growing your family shouldn’t mean putting your life at risk."
Kimberly Lawson
obstetric violence

There Is a Hidden Epidemic of Doctors Abusing Women in Labor, Doulas Say

According to doulas, women are often treated horribly while they're in labor, with medical professionals engaging in abusive behavior that ranges from nonconsensual episiotomies to sexual assault.
Sarah Yahr Tucker

What It's Like to Live with a Pathological Fear of Pregnancy

My intense phobia of pregnancy consumes my life, to the extent that I'm currently celibate—but I'm still terrified I might be carrying a child. Still, research on my condition is scant.
Gemima Rigby
black maternal health

Black Mothers Share the Devastating Impact of Racism in Maternal Health Care

In honor of Black Maternal Health Week, four Black women share their pregnancy and childbirth experiences to highlight the lasting impact of the racism and trauma Black women too often face when entering motherhood.
Kimberly Lawson

The Joys and Pains of Childbirth Around the World, in Photos

As part of the "Universal Motherhood" project, female photographers documented women from five different countries as they gave birth.
Tom Seymour

How We Think Sex Changes After Childbirth Versus How It Actually Changes

A new study shows that many women believe that vaginal childbirth will negatively affect their sex life, but experts say it's more complicated than that.
Kimberly Lawson

The Indian Women Consulting With Astrologers to Time Their Childbirths

Across India, women are opting to schedule their caesarian sections to coincide with holy festivals and auspicious astrological dates. But doctors warn this tradition can be dangerous—and sometimes prove fatal.
Puja Changoiwala

Women in Rural Counties Are Losing Access to Maternal Care

Childbirth is the most common reason for hospitalization in the US, but a new study highlights the diminishing access to obstetric services in rural areas, especially for black women and lower-income households.
Kimberly Lawson

New Mom 'Sliced in Half' in Horrific Hospital Elevator Accident

Twenty-five-year-old Rocio Cortes Nunez died en route to a maternity ward in Seville, Spain, shortly after delivering her third child via C-section.
Sirin Kale

How LGBTQ Childbirth Classes Demolish the 'Perfect Mother' Stereotype

A Berlin-based midwife who cares for queer families explains why we desperately need to expand our definition of motherhood.
Barbara Kreuzpointner