The Sexist Job Ads That Specify Height, Weight, and Age

Women in China are frequently discouraged from applying for positions—or told they have to meet exacting physical requirements to even be considered.
Sirin Kale

The Hidden Economic and Social Power Of Chinese Mistresses Today

Chinese mistresses occupy a historic and unique position in their society—at once feared, respected, and admired for their intelligence and wit. For many young women, being a mistress is equivalent to a full-time career.
Roseann Lake

'International Slut' Activist Li Maizi Is One of China's Loudest Feminist Voices

Li Maizi has faced arrest and interrogations, but the Chinese campaigner is still determined to fight for sexual liberation and women's rights in her country.
Tamara Micner

China's 'Tongqi': The Millions of Straight Women Married to Closeted Gay Men

In China, many women in sham marriages only find out about their partner's sexuality after the wedding. What is life like for tongqi and the men that they marry?
Barclay Bram

​Where 30 Million 'Missing' Girls in China Actually Went

A 2016 study "discovered" millions of missing girls lost to China's one-child policy, and the results also shine a light on China's propensity to favor sons over daughters.
Kimberly Lawson

In Hong Kong, Accessing Abortion Is Difficult, Expensive, and Dangerous

Legal restrictions, overcrowded public hospitals, and steep private clinic prices often prevent young women in Hong Kong from terminating their pregnancies safely. For many, the only viable option is to cross the border into mainland China, where a...
Justin Heifetz​​

Ikea Cracks Down on Seniors Who Are Looking for Love, but Not Furniture

In China, the furniture chain has taken a bold stand against love.
Gabby Bess

‘I Want Every Girl to Look Powerful’: The Intoxicating Photos of Hailun Ma

China-born, Brooklyn-residing photographer Hailun Ma is inspired by everything from the Chinese royal family to Cindy Sherman.
Sarah Waldron

Bank Employees Literally Spanked by Bosses for Underperforming

A new video shows Chinese bank employees spanked for failing to meet targets. An executive career coach explains why spanked workers are not productive employees.
Sirin Kale
Broadly Meets

G.E.M., the 'Taylor Swift of China,' Shares Her Plan for Total World Domination

Chinese pop star G.E.M is the face of Maybelline and Apple Music in China. In one night, she played for 30,000 people in Beijing. Now she wants to take over America.
Broadly Staff

Inside China's Last Matriarchy

Broadly spends a week with China’s Mosuo tribe, one of the world’s last matriarchies, to see what life is like in “The Land Where Women Rule.”
Broadly Staff

Being the Fat Girl in a Big Fat Asian Family

When Chinese New Year rolls around, Asian women like me know it's open season for family comments on our weight. But a much deeper cultural problem lies underneath the fat jokes, and it's driving some to crash diets and disordered eating.
Angela Hui