Christian Extremists Infiltrate Texas Government in Attack on Trans Rights

Multiple fringe evangelical Christian groups with connections to the top levels of Texan government have been working to dismantle the civil rights of transgender Americans
Diana Tourjée
human trafficking

Evangelical Church Allegedly Trafficking 'Slaves' from Brazil

The Word of Faith Fellowship has been under scrutiny for more than 20 years. An investigation by the Associated Press has uncovered allegations of human trafficking, child abuse, and a former storage facility said to house the worst sinners.
Diana Tourjée

The Bizarre Life Paths of Joan Crawford and Bette Davis's Daughters

Davis's daughter has worked as an Evangelical preacher who believes prayer cures AIDS, while Crawford's has become a camp icon and controversial child abuse advocate.
Mitchell Sunderland

'Jesus Hasn't Saved Us': The Young Black Women Returning to Ancestral Religions

Christianity still exerts a powerful force in many black communities, but some young women are turning their back on the faith and returning to the older, traditional religions of their ancestors.
Yomi Adegoke

'Satan's Favorite TV Show': The False Moralism of '7th Heaven'

On the 20th anniversary of America's longest-running family drama, we look back at the show as a reaction to the sacrilegious media of the 1990s.
Diana Tourjée

Sex-Offending Priests Are Doing Freelance Funerals

After a funeral director allegedly ignored police warnings against hiring a vicar who was being investigated for sex abuse abroad, clergymen across the UK are arguing for stricter laws on independent celebrants.
Candace Bryan

I Got Pregnant the First Time I Had Sex

And my first OB/GYN appointment was for an abortion. I was 19, loved Jesus, and living in Texas.
Laura House

Don't Bother Pledging Your Virginity to Jesus—It Won't Work

Many Christians promise they won't have sex before marriage, but a new study has found that "purity pledgers" are actually more likely to get knocked up.
Diana Tourjée