Civil Rights


Christian Extremists Infiltrate Texas Government in Attack on Trans Rights

Multiple fringe evangelical Christian groups with connections to the top levels of Texan government have been working to dismantle the civil rights of transgender Americans
Diana Tourjée

Trump's DOJ Tells Supreme Court It's Fine to Discriminate Against Trans Workers

President Donald Trump's Department of Justice told the Supreme Court it doesn't consider anti-trans workplace discrimination a violation of federal law.
Marie Solis

Inside a Rally of Hundreds Telling Trump Trans People #WontBeErased

After a leaked Department of Health and Human Services memo revealed an agenda to strip 1.4 million trans Americans of gender recognition on Sunday, LGBTQ people and allies gathered in New York City's Washington Square Park to protest.
Diana Tourjée
Sara David
Sarah Burke

Selena Gomez Has Been Secretly Working to Fight Human Trafficking

Since March, the singer has been spending her time with A21, a nonprofit that rescues and advocates for human trafficking victims.
Danielle Kwateng-Clark

Trump's Prison Guidance Puts Trans Inmates at Greater Risk of Abuse

Prisons are now instructed to consider "biological" sex before gender identity when designating placement for transgender prisoners. Advocates warn the move will immediately endanger trans people in prison.
Diana Tourjée
black history

The Model Who Broke Barriers as Vogue's First Ever Black Cover Girl

Pioneering model Donyale Luna was one of the hottest "it girls" of the 60s. But she ended up an obscure fashion footnote.
Lauren Sarazen
black history

The Sex Worker and Playwright Who Fought to Register Black People to Vote

Endesha Ida Mae Holland's incredible life story is one you won't often find in history books about the civil rights movement.
Adebukola Ajao

Gavin Grimm: Love Is the Heartbeat of Our Community—and It Can Never Be Defeated

In an exclusive op-ed, Gavin Grimm opens up about what it's been like to be a teenager and a leading voice in the fight for trans rights.
Gavin Grimm

Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam Was a Champion for the Poor and the Marginalized

Honoring the work of America's first Muslim woman judge.
Kimberly Lawson
Donald Trump

Lawyer Who Called Trans Women 'Biological Men' to Oversee Civil Rights for HHS

Roger Severino has long spoken out against the rights of LGBT Americans—but now he's tasked with ensuring those people receive appropriate medical care.
Diana Tourjée

'We Are All Opposing the Same Man': Thousands Protest Trump at Stonewall Inn

"I feel like all of our rights are at stake. Not just mine—everybody's."
Linda Yang

The Woman Making Art out of the FBI's Surveillance of Her Black Panther Father

Civil rights activist Rodney Barnette was under government surveillance for over 10 years. Now his daughter, Sadie, has turned his 500-page FBI file into art.
Gabby Bess