Sex machina

Straight Men, Please Stop Your Useless Fingering

To the surprise of many, just jabbing around down there is not an effective way to get off a person with a clitoris. So please, stop using your fingers as temporary dick surrogates and try these methods instead.
Maria Yagoda

Cool Study Examines the Nuanced Ways Women Orgasm

According to a new study, while everyone experiences sexual pleasure differently, there are a few techniques that work for a majority of women.
Kimberly Lawson

'Fear of the Clit': A Brief History of Medical Books Erasing Women's Genitalia

We've come a long way since scientists asserted that the clitoris was a deformity, but the view of women as underdeveloped men and child receptacles still haunts our textbooks.
Suzannah Weiss

Why Some Women Don't Feel Pleasure During Sex

We asked experts how women who report not feeling anything during sex can troubleshoot the issue. They explained that the human body is not a vending machine—it's more like a non-player character in a video game or an anti-virus protection system.
Bethy Squires

Vaginal Orgasms and Where to Find Them

Seventy-five percent of women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm. So how did the vaginal orgasm steal the show for female arousal?
Bethy Squires

Injecting Blood Into Your Clit Is a Bad Idea, but People Are Doing It Anyway

For around $1,500, you can get blood into your clit to enhance your sex life. A plastic surgeon says, "Don't do it."
Sirin Kale

Female Genital Mutilation and the Women Who Practice It

As countries around the world crack down on the brutal procedure, the campaign against FGM finds an unusual ally in those who once wielded the knife themselves.
Eve Simmons