Slavery as Punishment Just Became Illegal in Colorado

An 1897 constitutional provision allowed incarcerated people in Colorado to work for no pay. Amendment A, voted into law on Tuesday, officially abolished slavery as punishment for crimes in the state.
Leila Ettachfini
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Rapists Can Be Forced to Pay for Victims' Medical Exams, Colorado Court Rules

Though the state already sets aside funds for rape kit exams, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that convicted assailants can be charged for costs associated with the tests.
Kimberly Lawson

Student Who Raped Drunk Woman He Was Pretending to Help to Serve No Prison Time

On Wednesday, a Colorado judge ruled that Austin Wilkerson, convicted of sexually assaulting an intoxicated student in 2014, would not have to serve prison time. Elements of his case share similarities with that of Stanford rapist Brock Turner.
Kimberly Lawson

More Newborns Are Testing Positive for Cannabis, Colorado Hospital Says

While experts advise against marijuana use during pregnancy, some mothers insist that it is completely safe, and even needed.
Gabby Bess

Woman Cut Fetus Out of Other Woman to Fake Pregnancy, Sentenced to 100 Years

Dynel Lane told everyone she was pregnant, despite having her tubes tied. As her due date grew closer, Lane became desperate and that's when Michelle Wilkins, 7-months pregnant showed up on her doorstep.
Cole Kazdin

Are Teenagers Who Sext Producers of Child Porn? New Law Could Decide

In Colorado, teens can be prosecuted for distributing child porn for sexting photos of themselves. A proposed bill could reduce the charge—but opponents worry it may lead to more sexting prosecutions against teens.
Cole Kazdin

The Woman at the Center of Colorado's Booming Edibles Industry

Jaime Lewis, the founder of Mountain Medicine, blends her culinary expertise with her knowledge of weed in order to make edibles that don't taste like crap. We talked to the chef-turned-weed-chef about cooking with cannabis and the industry's future.
Gabby Bess
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Nice Day for a Weed Wedding: We Went to Colorado's First Cannabis Wedding Expo

Now that pot is legal in Colorado, ganjapreneurs have set their sights on the wedding industry. At the state's inaugural Cannabis Wedding Expo, we saw vendors showing off weed catering businesses, hotbox ready limos, and heart-shaped joint holders.
Gabby Bess