Sex Ed

Inside the Fight for Developmentally Disabled People's Right to Sex

People with intellectual and developmental disabilities are often denied access to sex-positive education and restricted from sexual intimacy. Advocates say it's time for that to change.
Jennifer Smith
2 days ago

Coachella Is Taking Steps To Prevent Sexual Assault

Coachella's new Every One initiative will include trained counselors, consent guidelines, and "safety ambassadors" at this year's festival.
Leila Ettachfini

In These States, You Can Sue the Person Your Spouse Cheated With

In 2011, a North Carolina judge ordered a woman to pay $30 million to her husband's ex-wife because the more recent relationship began with infidelity. Despite criticism, a few states still allow for such "alienation of affection" lawsuits.
Kimberly Lawson

5 People Share the Sexual Experiences that Changed How They Think of Consent

Amber Rose, Buck Angel, John Paul Brammer, Penda N’diaye, and June Amelia Rose discuss encounters that informed how they approach giving affirmative sexual consent on an individual level.
Amy Rose Spiegel

VICE on HBO's 'Consent' Examines the Ripple Effect of #MeToo

HBO Correspondent Isobel Yeung shares the process for how the VICE on HBO special report "Consent" came about, and how we can continue to push conversations around consent and accountability forward.
Broadly Staff
supreme court

What Brett Kavanaugh Got Wrong About Sexual Assault and Virginity

Experts on sexual violence say Kavanaugh revealed a deep misunderstanding of sexual assault when he brought up virginity during a Fox News interview.
Marie Solis
supreme court

We Asked 17-Year-Olds About Brett Kavanaugh and Consent

Brett Kavanaugh's defenders say the Supreme Court nominee shouldn't be held accountable for the sexual assault he allegedly committed at age 17. Here's what 17-year-olds think.
Marie Solis
The Privacy and Perception Issue

I Was Tricked into Becoming a Cam Girl at 18

It all started with a mysterious MSN message asking me if I'd like to be a model.
Sarah Hurtes
The Privacy and Perception Issue

Deepfakes Were Created As a Way to Own Women's Bodies—We Can't Forget That

When Redditors started using AI to attach celebrities' faces to porn performers' bodies, the media reaction focused on the implications for potential political hoaxes, but we need to focus on the women they harmed.
Samantha Cole

Half of the Country Doesn't Have a Legal Definition of Consent

State by state, there’s little consensus on what counts as consent. Some legal experts and advocates are aiming to change that.
Kimberly Lawson

Consent for Dummies with Drag Queens Trixie and Katya

Trixie and Katya discuss consent and why the "sexiest dirty talk is 'yes.'"
Amelia Capaz

Five Under-the-Radar Feminist Books You Need to Read

From consent culture to sisterly advice, a short list of 2017 releases you won't want to miss.
Sarah Burke