In Most States, Forcibly Continuing Sex After a Partner Says 'No' Is Not Rape

Only eight states recognize a person's right to withdraw consent after penetration has occurred, leaving rape victims vulnerable.
Gabby Bess

No Really, Bill O'Reilly Wrote About the Importance of Consent in His New Book

The Fox News host has reportedly settled with five different women on allegations of sexual harassment and other inappropriate behavior.
Kimberly Lawson

The Growing World of Anonymous Dick Pic Appreciation Sites

In the age of the unsolicited dick pic, the medium often gets a bad rap. Online forums where users can appreciate strangers' members allow users to explore their exhibitionistic side with consent (and lots of enthusiasm from viewers).
Suzannah Weiss
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What Sex Guides Say About Our Changing Ideas on Sex

Unlike the sexist, paternalistic, and homophobic tips and tricks of the past, a new crop of inclusive advice books aims to show readers that sex is whatever you want it to be.
Christine Ro

Men Spike Women's Drinks More Often Than You Think

Previous research has suggested that the risk of being drugged is an overblown urban myth. But a new study says that drink spiking is very real and often leads to sexual assault for women on college campuses.
Gabby Bess

BDSM Communities Are Less Rapey Than the General Population

According to new research from Northern Illinois University, participants in "cultures of consent" like BDSM engage in less rape myth acceptance, benevolent sexism, and victim blaming.
Steven Blum
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What Does Consent on a Porn Set Look Like?

The rape accusations against porn performer James Deen have raised important questions: how is sexual consent defined on a porn set? Is a signed contract between performers and producers enough to keep people safe?
Tess Barker

Beyond Safe Words: When Saying 'No' in BDSM Isn't Enough

In the kink scene, consent is supposed to be key. But when women try to out their abusers, they are often met with scorn or outright dismissal.
Trudie Carter-Pavelin

The 'This Is Not What a Rapist Looks Like' Guy Tries to Explain Himself

We met with the author of the viral "Why I don't need consent class" article. Surprise—he identifies as a libertarian!
Libby Watson