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Speculation About the YouTube Shooter Reveals All Sorts of Bigotry

There is no evidence that Nasim Aghdam's religion, immigrant status, or gender identity are relevant to the YouTube shooting, but that hasn't stopped bigots from using the tragedy to espouse Islamophobic and transphobic ideas.
Sara David
Leila Ettachfini
conspiracy theory

The Bizarre Taylor Swift Conspiracy Theory That She Is Secretly Gay

The "Blank Space" singer may have been photographed kissing British actor Tom Hiddleston, but that doesn't discourage fans, who have constructed an elaborate conspiracy theory about her sexuality.
Zan Romanoff
Britney Spears

Why Conspiracy Theorists Blame Britney's Meltdown on Her Bestie George Bush

Did you ever notice that whenever the Bush Administration messed up, Britney was stealing headlines with her bananas behavior. Coincidence???
Bethy Squires
conspiracy theory

'It Was Like a Cult': Leaving the World of Online Conspiracy Theories

Stephanie Wittschier believed in the Illuminati and chemtrails, and even tried to convert people online. But then she started to have doubts.
Alexander Krützfeldt
That's what they want you to think

The Bonkers Conspiracy Theory About Michael Jackson's Castration

Is a hormonal acne treatment designed for women responsible for Michael Jackson's famously high-pitched voice?
Bethy Squires

This Guy Is Selling 'Ted Cruz Was the Zodiac Killer' Shirts for Abortion Rights

We talked to activist Tim Faust, who raised $30,000 for abortions in Texas through a unique fundraising campaign. He isn't sure Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer, but he knows the weird-looking Republican's stance on reproductive rights is deadly.
Gabby Bess