cosmetic surgery

cosmetic surgery

Woman Who Ran Illegal Butt Injection Clinic Charged With Manslaughter

After one of her clients died, 44-year-old Whalesca Castillo was arrested by NYPD officers early Wednesday morning on suspicion of illegally administering silicone butt injections.
Sirin Kale
reality tv

What It Was Like Being a Contestant on a 2000s-Era Cosmetic Surgery Makeover Show

Reality shows like "The Swan" and "Bridalplasty" were staples during the mid-2000s. But what was it like having surgeons transform your body in front of TV cameras?
Annie Lord
plastic surgery

I Got Butt Surgery for Instagram Likes

In this episode of Plastic Planet, we talk to three women with very different stories about their journeys towards a bigger butt.
Broadly Staff

The Dangerous Business of Hymen Reconstruction Surgeries

In Germany and the Netherlands, the majority of women seeking hymenoplasty are young Muslim women. We speak to doctors about the rising demand for the controversial procedure.
Franziska Knupper

Woman's Upper Lip Almost Falls Off After Unlicensed Filler Injection

Siobhan Phelan learned the hard way that you shouldn’t get your fillers done by someone you met on Facebook.
Sirin Kale
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When You Have Body Dysmorphia, Coping Through Plastic Surgery Can Be a Nightmare

For people with body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), who obsessively fixate on their perceived physical flaws, cosmetic surgery often seems like a viable solution. But instead, it often causes symptoms to worsen, trapping BDD patients in an endless...
Stephanie Dubick

Injecting Blood Into Your Clit Is a Bad Idea, but People Are Doing It Anyway

For around $1,500, you can get blood into your clit to enhance your sex life. A plastic surgeon says, "Don't do it."
Sirin Kale

Why Teenage Girls Hate Their Vaginas So Much

As an American gynecological association issues new guidance on what to do when teenage girls request cosmetic genital surgery, we ask a doctor why an increasing number of teens are looking to 'correct' their vulvas.
Sirin Kale

Fill Me In: How Botox Became a Beloved Toxin

From its origin as a deadly toxin in fast food, to a polarizing beauty procedure, to a miraculous migraine cure, botulinum toxin has come a long way.
Rosemary Donahue

The Strange, Sensitive World of Plastic Surgery Photography

When photographer Mia Berg started working for a plastic surgeon, she learned that before-and-after photos can be about much more than looking good.
Scout MacEachron