Criminal Justice

What 'Serial' Gets Alarmingly Correct About Being Black in America

As a queer Black Clevelander, the podcast's new season investigating criminal justice in Cleveland clarifies a lifetime of racist interactions with police.
Prince Shakur
sexual assault

Accused Vanderbilt Rapist Gave Student Lectures on Consent While Awaiting Trial

Brandon Banks is accused of participating in the gang rape of an unconscious woman four years ago and has since preached to students about consent. The former Vanderbilt football player entered a not-guilty plea at the start of his trial yesterday.
Kimberly Lawson

'Drunk Consent Is Still Consent' Claims Lawyer in Police Sexual Assault Case

The complainant testified that three Toronto police officers assaulted her as she lay immobile in a hotel room. The defense says her story "makes no rational sense," arguing that "she would have said to the taxi driver just take me home."
Linda Yang
sexual assault

Court Forced Sexual Assault Victim to Spend Five Days in Jail with Attacker

After an unnamed Canadian woman was brutally assaulted, she was held in a correctional facility with her assailant because the judge didn't think she would show up to testify against him.
Gabby Bess

Judge Outraged After Female Inmate Brought to Court with No Pants

In Kentucky, a judge was outraged after a female inmate was brought into her courtroom without pants on, having been denied access to female hygiene products for days. Advocates explain how our prison system is failing women.
Sirin Kale

Courtroom Fashion Through the Ages

From Joan of Arc to Lindsay Lohan, an incomplete timeline of famous women's courtroom apparel.
Monica Heisey