Crisis Pregnancy Centers


Yes, the Government Should Regulate Anti-Abortion Zealots Who Pose as Doctors

The Supreme Court is hearing arguments in a case that pits reproductive rights advocates against faith-based "crisis pregnancy centers," whose sole purpose is to talk women out of abortion, often through deceptive means.
Jex Blackmore

A State Health Board Is Finally Cracking Down On Fake Abortion Clinics

Lawmakers in King County, Washington just ruled that crisis pregnancy centers must inform women that they are not legitimate health care providers.
Sirin Kale

How Anti-Abortion Zealots Pose as Medical Professionals to Trick Pregnant Women

Anti-abortion groups are opening fake clinics near actual reproductive health care providers across the country in an attempt to shame and scare women into staying pregnant.
Callie Beusman
reproductive rights

The Dangers of Treating Anti-Abortion Pseudoscience as 'Opinion'

This morning, the New York Times published a column by someone representing Human Coalition, which the paper fails to mention is an anti-abortion nonprofit that calls abortion "a human rights holocaust."
Kimberly Lawson
reproductive rights

This Satanic Temple Leader Is Blogging Her Abortion

Jex Blackmore, the director of the Detroit chapter of the Satanic Temple, started a blog to tell her abortion story and provide much-needed information about the process that no one talks about.
Gabby Bess
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