The Hoodwitch Is Changing the Face of Modern Witchcraft

We speak to Bri Luna, the bruja behind the wildly successful Hoodwitch account, about showcasing the diverse history of mysticism.
Linda Yang
Instagram Spotlight

Instagram's Wildly Popular Gem Sorceress Wants to Heal You with Crystals

We asked crystal connoisseur Amaris Rivera about starting your journey into the world of crystals, sound healing, and meditation.
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What Happened When I Tried to Use Crystals to Improve My Life

I skeptically set out to see whether crystals—which science classifies as "literally just rocks"—could alter my mental state for the better and ended up enthusiastically drinking water "purified" by a stone I had soaked in it for 24 hours.
Gabby Bess

People Are Now Buying Crystals for Their Dogs and Cats

The wellness trend has increased amidst the types of people who buy gluten-free pet food, but veterinarians doubt Rose Quartz serves any medical purpose.
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Psychics and Spencer Pratt Weigh In on Jennifer Lawrence Crystal Debacle

The "Hunger Games" actor recently revealed that after purchasing a home filled with crystals, she had them "yanked" out despite being warned of their power. Then her house flooded.
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witch week 2016

The Care and Keeping of Crystals

Stressed, lonely, or psychically blocked? Here's how to curate your personal crystal collection.
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witch week 2016

How to Conjure Your Crush

Set your intentions, add magic, and get yourself a new intended
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