Bilingual Pop Sensation Empress Of Loves Memes and Linkin Park

The musician behind the new album "Us" answers our quick-fire survey about astrology, insecurities, and songs that make her cry.

Zing Tsjeng

Meet the Photographer Taking Intimate Portraits of Queer Asian Nightlife in NYC

Photographer Aki Kame focuses on lifestyle portraiture by day, but at night they head to parties like NYC's Bubble T to capture their friends and community.

Leila Ettachfini

What ‘Shrill’ Reveals About The Prison Of Mediocrity

At its heart, 'Shrill' is an honest portrait of a millennial woman’s struggle — in coming to terms with her body, identity, and what she deserves.

Terry Nguyen

100 Ways to Be Less of a Colonialist Jerk When You Travel

Repeat after me: It is never OK to take pictures with smiling, barefoot children. Even if it's for your Tinder. Especially if it's for your Tinder.

Lynn Brown

How Internalized Racism Amplifies White Supremacy

By attempting to defend Juileanna "Yes Julz" Goddard against her stigmatized relationship with Black women, Daniel Caesar instead revealed the insidious nature of internalized racism.

Danielle Kwateng-Clark

Angela Davis Addresses the Whitewashing of Feminism and Islamophobia

"I want to argue for a feminist perspective that understands that we cannot simply reform institutions like prison and the police."

Danielle Kwateng-Clark

Chloë Grace Moretz Is the Ultimate Aquarius

Chloë Grace Moretz, star of the thriller "Greta," plays a round of astrology bingo in Broadly’s "Stars Align."

Sara David

An Open Letter to My Nemesis, Pete Davidson: Stop Stealing My Girlfriends

I’m gay, which means two things: One, I hold grudges. Two, I don’t care about some weird dude’s dating life. But here’s what I do care about, a lot: international pop stars and actresses over 40.

Jill Gutowitz

Nikki Giovanni Has Advice for Black Women Dealing with Emotional Labor

"We seem to be spending time telling white people what they're doing wrong, instead of telling Black people what we're doing right," Giovanni tells Broadly.

Danielle Kwateng-Clark

Ari Lennox on DC Cheesesteaks, The Sims, and Sad Disney Movies

The Dreamville singer answers quick-fire questions about her upcoming debut album, favorite throwback songs, and food vices.

Danielle Kwateng-Clark

The Woman Refusing to Let Palestine's Farming Roots Die

Vivien Sansour founded The Palestinian Heirloom Library in hopes to revive plants threatened by occupation, climate change, and agribusiness.

Leila Ettachfini

2019 Is Going to Be a Hauntingly Good Time for Horror Lovers

From Octavia Spencer as a loner with a dark side in 'Ma', to Jen and Syliva Soska's much-anticipated big screen return with David Cronenberg remake 'Rabid', 2019 will be a vintage year for lovers of female-centered horror.

Anna Bogutskaya