These Trans Latinas Started Their Own Beauty Co-op to Defy Discrimination

After years of experiencing discrimination at work, three trans immigrant women started a trans beauticians' co-op in Queens, New York—and are welcoming others to join. Broadly spoke to them about how they made it happen.

Moira Lavelle

'I'm Here Because of the Internet': How Web Series Made New TV Stars

Just days before the 76th Golden Globes Awards, we talked to Quinta Brunson and Sam Bailey about how their digital shows translated to mainstream success on television.

Terry Nguyen

MTV Reboots 'True Life' With a Look at the Lives of Kardashian Stans

In the reboot of MTV's critically acclaimed show, "True Life," the first episode's subjects go to great lengths to look like the Kardashians.

Danielle Kwateng-Clark

Sheri Payne on Her 38 Years as a Trans Showgirl in Chicago

Sheri Payne has seen a lot during the nearly four decades that she's been performing at the legendary Baton night club in Chicago. This is her advice for the next generation of trans women.

Zackary Drucker

Here's How TV Depicted Abortion Stories This Year

In a new report, Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health found that shows like "Insecure," "Empire," and "Star" highlighted the reality of abortions for women of color.

Bianca Betancourt

'Dumplin'' Solved The Trouble With Teen Rom-Coms This Year

In a year of movies where everyone lied their way into happy endings, "Dumplin'" did something groundbreaking: It told the truth.

Mariella Mosthof

The Queer Movie Moments We Loved Most in 2018

Period dramas. Teen romance. Forbidden love in an Orthodox Jewish community. 2018 brought some amazing LGBTQ love stories to the big screen.

Alyssa Klein

The Stoner's Guide to Christmas Horror Movies

Christmas horror movies provide the brain-dead kind of escapism best enjoyed with pie after smoking shake with your uncle.

Meredith Graves

Sandy Stone on Living Among Lesbian Separatists as a Trans Woman in the 70s

Before pioneering transgender studies in academia, Sandy Stone was a member of the legendary lesbian music collective Olivia Records—and the target of vitriol from early trans exclusive radical feminists.

Zackary Drucker

What It Was Like Being a Contestant on a 2000s-Era Cosmetic Surgery Makeover Show

Reality shows like "The Swan" and "Bridalplasty" were staples during the mid-2000s. But what was it like having surgeons transform your body in front of TV cameras?

Annie Lord

Music Festival That Banned Cisgender Men Found Guilty of Discrimination

Statement Festival—a music event for cis women, nonbinary and transgender people—was found in violation Sweden's laws on gender-based discrimination.

Zing Tsjeng

The Drag Troupe For Kings and Queens With Learning Disabilities

British performance collective Drag Syndrome wants audiences see and appreciate the artistic and creative talents of people with Down's syndrome.

Deana Morton