Getting Out of Bed

How I Got Out of Bed the Day After My Mother's Funeral

"The morning after the hardest day of my life, the day I buried my mother, I learned a sobering truth: People go on with their lives."
Candice Benbow
11 hours ago

7 Books to Guide You Through Grief and Loss

Whether you're mourning the death of a loved one or just dealing with the despair of everyday life, these titles will help you heal.
Laura Winnick
The Privacy and Perception Issue

Searching for Traces of My Late Father Online

My father was murdered years before the Internet existed as we know it. But I still search for traces of him there.
Gabrielle Birkner
Mother's Day

Women Who Lost Their Moms Talk About Mother's Day

"When she was still alive, I often showed her how important she was to me, but Mother’s Day was always a special moment to be aware of that and be grateful for it."
Carleen de Jong

These Women Make A Living By Singing at People's Funerals

Singing at her grandmother's funeral inspired Penelope Shipley to start a business and do the same for other people's families. “The idea has always been to help people," she says.
Kate Leaver

Learning About Indonesian Ghost Culture After My Aunt's Death

After my aunt Gita died, her spirit came to watch over my family. I learned how ghosts can help comfort the grieving.
Cady Siregar

The Surreal, Awkward Parts of Grief That No One Talks About

An anthology of essays, "Modern Loss," offers up honest and sometimes humorous stories about the reality of death and mourning in the digital age.
Sarah Burke

Exactly How Likely Are You to Die Alone?

After reading several articles about people who died alone and went undiscovered for days, I asked a statistician about the likelihood of me meeting the same fate.
Sirin Kale

The Women Who Want Their Corpses to Feed The Earth After They Die

Women have long been leaders in the death industry, but in recent years they have also pushed the industry to look to alternative burial practices.
Adina Solomon
By the Numbers: Game of Thrones

'Game of Thrones' Season 1 Has the Most Rape and Nudity

There was so much gratuitous sex and nudity in GoT's first season that critics coined the term "sexposition" in response.
Sara David
By the Numbers: Game of Thrones

'Game of Thrones' Season 2 Has Half the Nudity of Season 1, But Twice the Death

In Season 1, the only people shown committing sexual assault were Dothraki, frequently referred to as "foreign savages." Season 2 brings the constant threat of rape to Westeros.
Sara David
By the Numbers: Game of Thrones

In 'Game of Thrones' Season 3, Multiple Women Are Brutally Murdered Onscreen

While GoT is known for its brutality against men and women alike, Season 3 has numerous women killed in highly sexualized or gendered ways.
Sara David