The Deeply Unchill Things That Happened When I Tried to Quit Weed

When I realized my weed use was completely out of control, I had to ask myself some hard questions. Will I ever be able to smoke again? Is life—God forbid—better sober? And what if "Shark Tank" isn't actually good?
Gabby Bess

Spending Your Entire Life Wanting to Die

New York writer Daphne Merkin discusses her new memoir, written after six decades of enduring the unyielding hell of depression.
Gabby Bess

Trans Teen Takes Her Own Life Weeks After Giving Moving Speech on Acceptance

Shortly after coming out as transgender in a moving speech to her classmates, 18-year-old CarlEmilia worth died by suicide. Despite the staggering rates of suicide in the trans community, hope remains for trans youth in crisis.
Diana Tourjée
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Trump to Rig the Economy for His Monstrous Banker Friends, Reports Say

Today, Trump reportedly plans to dismantle the Dodd-Frank Act. Instituted by Obama in response to the recession, the act was considered by many to represent "the most comprehensive financial regulatory reform measures taken since the Great Depression."
Amanda Arnold
mental health

When Mental Illness Is Mistaken for Demonic Possession

When Nadia was 18, her parents took her to a Muslim faith healer who claimed to be able to exorcize her depression.
Emily Korstanje
mental health

Understanding the Hidden Suicide Problem Among Women in Medicine

Female health workers in Australia suffer higher levels of psychological distress than the general female population, and take their lives three to four times more often. But stigma around poor mental health makes the issue difficult to address.
Rebecca Kamm

Comparing Yourself to Facebook Friends Is Bad News for Your Mental Health

New research comparing all existing studies into social media and depression confirms what most of us already knew—Facebook is making us all miserable.
Sirin Kale

'It Was Definitely About Power': The Horrendous, Hidden Impact of Sibling Abuse

Violence between siblings, including rape, can and does destroy lives. Which makes its frequency, and the fact it goes largely undiscussed in mainstream society, all the more frightening.
Jennifer Neal

Can You Take Antidepressants When You're Pregnant? We Asked Some Experts

SSRIs might be bad for your baby, but going off them might be bad for both you and your baby. It's a gut-wrenching Catch-22 faced by millions of women every day.
Katherine Gillespie

The Racist and Sexist History of Keeping Birth Control Side Effects Secret

A 2016 study sheds light on the alarming relationship between hormonal birth control and depression. But the findings are only the latest in a long line of battles between women and their doctors over accurate information.
Bethy Squires
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What Your Social Media Use Says About Your Depression

Multiple researchers have discovered that the way people use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr correlates to symptoms of depression.
Steven Blum
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'We Just Don't Talk About It': How Movember Plans to Help Men’s Mental Health

The famous mustache non-profit has launched a new campaign to improve male mental health, which correlates to suicide rates and violence in relationships.
Mitchell Sunderland