Unscrewing Ourselves

The Sex Educator Teaching BDSM to People With Disabilities

Robin Wilson-Beattie didn’t get the support she needed to rebuild her sex life after an aneurysm, so now she dedicates her life to helping other people with disabilities.
Emma McGowan

What Grief and Loss Look Like, in Photos

What does it mean to lose something, or someone, dear to you? Photographer Clare Hewitt was mourning the death of her grandmother when she met a stroke victim who had lost part of her sight.
Sarah Waldron

German Political Party Suggests Paying for Disabled People to Visit Sex Workers

A spokesperson for Germany's Green Party has proposed a scheme that would allow disabled people to pay for the services of sex workers. We asked a disability rights campaigner about the proposal.
Sirin Kale

Once Paralyzed, Victoria Arlen Emerged from a Coma to Become a Champion Athlete

The paralympic gold medalist opens up about waking up from a coma, living with paralysis, and learning to walk again.
Diana Tourjée

Hollywood Still Sucks at Putting Women On-Screen, Unless They're Scantily Clad

A new report on the top-grossing films of 2015 found that women, people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, and people with disabilities are still largely missing on-screen and behind the camera.
Kimberly Lawson

The Special Olympics Is Not Here to Be Your 'Inspiration Porn'

The Special Olympics has always been billed as an example of equal opportunity for the disabled. But a vocal minority among the community it was created to serve call the term "special" condescending—and feel it diminishes the athlete's talents and...
Molly Oswaks

Why Are People Trying to Take My Disabled Daughter's Job Away?

Rachel works in a local factory sorting spare parts for less than minimum wage. People say she's being exploited, but I've never seen her happier.
Jane Bernstein

Legendary Amputee Porn Star on Her Life in '70s Fetish Film

Former porno actress Long Jeanne Silver tells us how she hitchhiked cross-country to escape Arizona and ended up one of the biggest adult icons of the decade.
Malina Bickford

This Is What Sex Ed for the Intellectually Disabled Looks Like

A lack of sexual education has an impact in all aspects of a person's life, so why are intellectually disabled people given so few opportunities to learn about sex on their own terms?
Monica Heisey

How People with Disabilities Have Sex

For people with disabilities, sex and sex education remains an accessibility blind spot. Activists and educators are working to change that.
Monica Heisey