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Trans Woman Says CVS Refused to Fill Her Hormone Prescription

Hilde Hall tells the ACLU she left an Arizona CVS near tears after the pharmacist on duty "humiliated" her.
Marie Solis
Essays on Religious Exemptions

My Daughter's Dream Wedding Venue Rejected Her Because She's Gay

This isn’t about wedding venues or cakes: Discrimination leaves people feeling less worthy, and often less than human.
Channie Peters

'We Are Not Victims': How Sex Workers Are Mobilizing Across the Country

In the wake of FOSTA/SESTA, sex workers and allied activists are building new safety networks and lobbying support.
Kimberly Lawson

The Sexist Job Ads That Specify Height, Weight, and Age

Women in China are frequently discouraged from applying for positions—or told they have to meet exacting physical requirements to even be considered.
Sirin Kale

Doctors Who Oppose Abortion and LGBT Rights Get New Government Protections

This morning, the Trump administration announced a new "civil rights" division tasked with protecting doctors who have religious objections to helping certain patients.
Kimberley Lawson

Kim Davis May Lose to The Gay Man She Denied a Marriage License

We spoke to David Ermold about why he's coming for Davis's job: “This time, it's not Kim Davis who's going to be deciding on equality—it's going to be the people of Rowan County."
Leila Ettachfini

The US Military Doesn't Need a Ban to Kick Out Trans Soldiers

Rachel Waverly, a former soldier who believes her discharge from the military was based on issues surrounding her gender identity, shares her story.
Broadly Staff

Former Lush Employee Sues the Beauty Company for Racial Discrimination

Mercedez Gonzalez was employed by the beauty chain as a spa therapist—but she's now suing the company for discrimination, claiming white colleagues were given extra support and training, while she was fired.
Sirin Kale

The Unique Discrimination that Bi People Face

In honor of Bisexual Awareness Week, we talked to the researcher behind a study on the stereotypes and stigma faced by bisexual individuals today.
Kimberly Lawson

Trump Nominee Called Trans Kids Part of 'Satan's Plan'

Jeff Mateer, an extremist lawyer who currently works for the Texas Attorney General's office, has also advocated for conversion therapy and has said that same-sex marriage will lead to bestiality.
Gabby Bess
sex work

Reno Strip Clubs Are Fighting Against 'Sexist' Rules for Female Strippers

According to a new lawsuit, a city ordinance requires female dancers to register with the government and add their name to a public database, but the same rule doesn't apply to male performers.
Gabby Bess

ACLU Sues Michigan For Allowing Anti-LGBT Adoption Discrimination

Even though Michigan has 13,000 children in need of foster homes, adoption agencies are allowed to turn away LBGT families for religious reasons.
Diana Tourjée